We Thrive At Five

On the 1st day of November, The Boardroom Network – Bournemouth – celebrated its 5th anniversary.  With delicious, TBN branded chocolates from Michael Collins, the buzzing breakfast meeting enjoyed a well-deserved taste of success.

Connection is at the heart of what TBN stands for, and there is no connection without continuity.  For this reason, it was great to share the event with so many members who have been with the Bournemouth group from the beginning or who have joined us through the last 5 years, mixed with the pleasure of welcoming visitors experiencing the event for the very first time.

With Jay Rachet MC joyfully back at the helm, we benefited from presentations from Teresa Haughey, Chris Muirhead, Chris Palmer, Justin Cohen, Lex McKee, and Jacqui Frampton.  So what did we discover?

Extraordinary Service Builds Lasting Memories

Teresa demonstrated the power of stories to build trust and understanding.  Her glittering career on Ocean-going luxury cruise ships brought us two stand-out stories of service way above and beyond the ordinary.  The Seabourn Cruise Line delivers a legendary experience for its customers.  In the first account, Teresa unveiled the lengths the captain went to recover a wedding ring lost overboard by one of the passengers.  The lady was distraught, the ring having been in the family for generations.  After reassurances from the Captain, the lady was engaged with other activities for the day while the Captain secretly had divers search the sea floor for the missing ring!

That evening, the recovered ring was presented to its rightful owner, on a silver platter, at a special cocktail party.  You can imagine the grateful response!

The second story was of a passenger who had always wanted to visit Istanbul.  When the opportunity came, this passenger was so unwell that the trip ashore was impossible.  To turn the experience around, one of the team members printed out pictures of Istanbul and secretly decorated the passenger’s cabin with the images.  In their words, “If you cannot go to Istanbul, then Istanbul will come to you!”

Teresa has taken such experiences of excellent thoughtfulness and service – especially with the 50+ age group – and woven these values and insights into JADE Companionships.  JADE Companionships and Experiences brings people in the 55+ age group together to enjoy shared activities with likeminded people.  As a private membership club, every member is carefully interviewed to verify that their expectations can be met and exceeded.

Golden Opportunities To Promote Your Brand

Chris Muirhead from Palm Print had personally addressed a Christmas card for every attendee.  This attention to personal detail is something that those of us who have done business with Chris have come to appreciate – and echoed the theme introduced in Teresa’s presentation. 

Now is the ideal time to think about corporate Christmas cards – professionally branded cards with a personal touch.  Chris and Palm Print have a special relationship with a local photographer so that we can choose local images – adding to that personal touch that helps our businesses stand out from the competition.

Sleeping Rough To Help The Homeless

With his usual good humour, Chris Palmer encouraged us to think practically about homelessness this Christmas.  Chris is expressing solidarity with the homeless by sleeping rough in a box on Saturday 17th November.  This is in support of the YMCA Bournemouth, with funds raised going directly to help the homeless.  Chris Palmer’s giving page can be found by following this link: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/anytechsolutions

There are also details on Chris’ LinkedIn profile.

Facing Up To And Facing Off With Facebook!

Justin Cohen shared the hilarious account of Facebook censorship that led to welcome ‘exposure’ for Beales Gourmet at The Italian Villa. 

He opened with, “At this time of the morning, is it too early to talk about erotic products?” 

The video made of their fine dining event featured, in the first three seconds, the fine physique of one of the Villa’s Romanesque statues.  The algorithm on Facebook misunderstood these images as promoting: “sexual or erotic products”!

Justin tweeted Facebook – calling them out on a machine-based decision that was clearly in the wrong.  Darren Slade, the Business Editor of the Daily Echo, saw the tweet and asked to write a story about it.  Next day, Justin had a call from a National News Agency who wanted to syndicate the story!  Coverage included The Daily Mail and The Times!

As Justin says, “All the denying of advertising that Facebook did, ironically, helped us to sell out this event!  Don’t ever underestimate the power of your local press and what it can do for you.”

Justin shared more about the next foodie event – 7th March – celebrating all things Dorset – cheese, wines, and charcuterie.  And, of course, on the 12th December, we’ll be having the TBN Christmas lunch… and you and I can even check out the statues that caused the stir!

You Don’t Have To Be The Best…

In our education section today, I shared the power of memory recall when the information is told as a story.  Choosing the top 11 most prolific Composers of all time, we learned them, in order, through a simple if rather ridiculous tale!  I wonder how many you can recall?

My point was one made to me by another member: “You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be the first people think of.” 

To achieve this, you have to be memorable – for all the right reasons!  We can help you get to the top of people’s natural Search Engines – surely a fresh perspective on the purpose of branding.

The Boardroom Education is very keen to run a two hour session on boosting your memory – if there is sufficient interest.  It is easy, using stories and systems, to remember to-do lists, dates, names and faces, and even pin codes!  Let me know if this appeals to you.

And a gentle nudge if you were thinking about attending our next practical hands-on LinkedIn clinic.  It’s the 20th November at Hotel du Vin (9.30-11.30am) and at a very reasonable rate for members!  Email Jacqui if you’re available and interested.  There are a couple of places left.

We Are Five

Jacqui Frampton shared the final thoughts before Jay’s close – celebrating our growth and success for five years.  It was great to have Ian in the room – whose support as Chair of Jacqui’s Boardroom group was directly responsible for Jacqui going into business.  Jacqui formed The Boardroom Network off the back of the success of organising and running 16 women in business network meetings across four counties.  The Peer Board that Jacqui belonged to encouraged the setting up of TBN as a mixed gender business network… and the rest is five great years of history and expansion.

Using the analogy of schools, Jacqui said that TBN Bournemouth is just about to take its ‘A’ Levels, TBN Solent is at the Middle School stage – 3 years old, and TBN Solstice are our freshers in the junior stage of being in their very first year.

In these 5 years, Jacqui has achieved what she always wanted for the benefit of the members – which was to span the three counties of Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire – actively targetting the right kind of business professionals who can help all of us grown our influence and profitability.

I am sure we are all looking forward to joining Jacqui in continuing the success of The Boardroom Network… something that is most definitely in all our interests!


The Boardroom Education