Unlocking Your Potential During Lockdown

A Gallery of Online Expertise!

Already, only a few weeks into our Strange New World, members of The Boardroom Network are taking to Zoom Networking naturally, with good humour.

Many, if not all of us, are thoroughly enjoying the one-to-ones and our table rounds too.  Our Ambassadors have taken to their new roles like the proverbial ducks to water.  Thus, whilst we miss proximity and breakfast, maybe there’s an ongoing role for online meetings as we evolve.  One thing can be said for certain, the platform works very well for presentations.

Our two keynote presenters, Julie Sharp and Bertie Coy, looked at unlocking our potential during lockdown from very different perspectives.  Julie answered the question, “Am I Hypnotizable?”  and Bertie pioneered the use of pre-recorded video to enable him to make his point powerfully while remaining available ‘live’ to respond to the network.

In her presentation, Julie Sharp asks, “What is hypnosis?”

We learned that hypnosis

1) Bypasses the conscious to communicate directly with the subconscious

2) Is a way of changing how we think, feel, and act

3) Is a state of heightened suggestibility (enjoyed by children for many years)

4) Is a method to access your inner power

5) Is a great way to mental and physical relaxation

6) Is neither sleep nor a normal waking state

7) Is associated with a specific range of brainwave cycles per second

The bottom line is that if you’ve ever fallen asleep or woken up, you have been in a hypnotic state… thus you are hypnotisable!

You will begin to feel more liberated when you realise that most of our hang-ups and limitations in life were programmed into us by the age of seven.  This is great news because we can change the programme!

As Julie says, “Every single belief will have been put there or suggested by someone else.  These beliefs will inform all our future behaviours.”

Imagine, then, the power of going in at a deep level and changing just one of these core beliefs.  The results will be transformational.

We can, through hypnosis, flip the switch from “I can’t” to “I can” when it comes to a limiting belief.

When you change the programming, you can think, feel, and act better… even without quite knowing why!

You can get your FREE mp3 on the topic of “Coping with Uncertainty” by dropping a note to julie@sharpmindshypnotherapy.co.uk

Making the Most of Lockdown

If you’ve ever been concerned about making a presentation, take a leaf out of Bertie Coy’s Playbook.  Very cleverly pre-recording it, and thus editing it to his own satisfaction, Bertie was able to play what he wanted to say and then be available to take questions ‘live’.

Bertie suggests that there are only a handful of businesses that should be trying to make sales at the moment; the rest of us should be biding our time.  Now is the time to focus upon ourselves, and tasks that we’ve been putting off for years.

Showing off his Passion Projects Wall, Bertie highlighted what a golden opportunity we have to reconnect with our passions – too often laid aside in the busyness of ‘normal’ life.

Thus, we have the joyful paradox of what Bertie describes as a ‘marketing guy’ telling us ‘not to market’.  Sweet!

What should we be doing instead?  Bertie says we should be focusing on content, growing organically, and connecting with existing clients or followers.  Good advice.  Bertie also suggests developing some, “Super-sick moves for when we’re all allowed back out.”  Ah, I’m feeling my age… I think ‘super-sick’ means rather cool!

Whilst Social Media may be thriving, conversion of likes and impressions into sales is, “through the floor,” due to the huge uncertainty most people are feeling.  Potential customers are unlikely to commit unless it’s an essential purchase.  This is why now is the time to strengthen relationships for the long-term.  This can be achieved through authentic open communication with customers – sharing the real you as we seek those deeper, long-lasting commitments.

Bertie says it’s time to change our message and to be open and honest, time to drop the façade and make the brand about ‘you’… your thoughts, your feelings, your passion.

Time to find a better balance and move forward from that strong foundation.

Don’t waste your lockdown!

Here’s his presentation…


Looking forward to seeing you all online each Thursday during Lockdown!




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