Together in Electric Dreams

Darren Coates, one of our most popular presenters, delivered an electrifying keynote at our special January luncheon of The Boardroom Network, Wiltshire.

As some of you will know, Darren has a second life as a Disc Jockey. No surprise then that his entrance music was this:

Whilst this wonderful song may seem a little dated now (OK, no it doesn’t but the fashions do…) the message is massively timely. The Future is Electric.

Here are some of Darren’s slides that speak volumes about why now is the best time to invest in an electric vehicle.

Drawing our attention to the Benefit in Kind that affects Company Car Tax there are multiple advantages:

  • 0% Benefit In Kind (this year!)
  • 0% National Insurance contributions
  • £0 Road Fund Licence
  • £0 Fuel Costs – almost… most electric cars can be run at under 4p per mile.

Running Costs

The running costs of an Electric Vehicles are approximately a third of a traditional vehicle.

Some of this is because of less moving parts to go wrong! A combustion engine has over 1000 moving parts, as a generalisation. In stark contrast, a typical Electric Vehicle has approximately 200 moving parts.

What About The Battery?

One concern often expressed is the lifetime of the battery. Most have a life-expectancy of over 100,000 miles, with Tesla motors offering far more than this.

What About Access to Charging?

Let’s get this in perspective. There are 8,400 fuel stations in the UK. There are already 9,300 Electric Vehicle charging locations in the UK (though that’s a clever use of statistics if you think about how many pumps there are at each fuel station!)

One of the most practical applications Darren shared was – an app that shows you where the charging points are and which ones are operational. This allows you to plan your journey and factor in a coffee break long enough to boost your range.

Innovator or Early Adopter – the Social Proof

Electric Vehicles are (relatively) new technology. We’ve already moved beyond the stage where only ‘Innovators’ take the initial ‘risk’. We’re now in Early Adopter phase where we have 72,770 Electric Vehicle registrations in 2019. The Social Proof is in: Electric Vehicle are officially cool… but do they look any good and what are they like to drive?


Our Friends Electric

Let Darren’s slides give you the picture. Personally, I will say that my ride in a Tesla proved to me like they shift like something proverbially off a shovel. Yes, I want to lease a Tesla X!


  • Cool
  • Kind to the Environment
  • Cost-effective for your Company and you

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