The need for speed (and poems)

Goodwood Festival of Speed

‘ow do there! ‘ow are ya!

So good to see you again.

Yes I know it’s an ‘abit

But such are the ways of TBN.

‘t was anuvver good morning

Wiv loads of ace stuff.

Each time I leave I feel

I ‘ve never ‘ad enough.


Jay was in good voice.

Well, ‘e  ‘ad to be wivout a mike

But I think ‘e’s used to that.

‘e can make ‘imself ‘eard all right.

The presentations started wiv Jamie

And a video promo for the Goodwood Festival of Speed

And Tricia a Pro Communicator

Giving us some tips she thought we’d need.


My old china Tom Hadley was next on stage

Giving us ‘is measure for measure

Info about  ‘is marketing masterclass

And thoughts ‘e knew we would treasure.

Lastly there was Kate about HR

About how Social Rep is a biz booster

And what a surprise as we feasted our mince pies

On the entrance of a big brown fluffy rooster.


Well ‘oo would ‘ave thought it

And Jay brought us to a close.

A special mention for the new members

As from our tables we rose.

Off into the world we went,

On 21st April we’ll see you again.

Back at the Solent Hotel

For another round of TBN.


Words by Michael Birchmore