The Boardroom Broadcasting – Episode 12, Part 1

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Season 1 Episode 12: Russell Thackeray


Muse, Puccini and ELP – Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Just to prove that Nihilism will get you anywhere… the show is evolving! There was such a long, profound, and occasionally hilarious interview with Russell Thackeray that we’ve decided to release it in two parts.

In part one, you’ll discover some of the many facets that make up Russell’s professional careers – plural.  There are some naughty bits with even naughtier bits to follow in part two!

Ride the emotional tidal wave of Tosca to Trilogy – that’s from Puccini to Emerson Lake and Palmer!  And take the opportunity also to expand your reading list as we dig into recommendations ranging from Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari through to insights on the Brain from David Eagleman.