That Autumn Feeling: bright and breezy or under a cloud?

The equinox fell on 23rd September. It is, therefore, now officially Autumn. After the autumnal equinox, the days get shorter and the nights get longer, and, in October, the clocks go back an hour. On the plus side, we all get a Sunday morning lie-in; on the not-so-positive side, it’ll be getting dark when we leave the office at the end of the working day.

It’s a very British trait to be fascinated by the weather and the seasons. Our language, including our business-speak, is peppered with phrases and expressions relating to our changeable, unpredictable climate: weather the storm; take a rain check; snowed under. So, do the elements really have an effect on our well-being and even on our productivity in the workplace?

There are two schools of thought: warm, sunny weather makes us feel happier and more motivated but can also be very distracting:  we want to be out picnicking in the park or barbecuing on the beach rather than working in the office or stuck in front of a computer screen. Cold, wet, grey, dreary days can have a negative impact on our mood, making us feel totally ‘under the weather’ and lacking energy and inspiration. Conversely, it can also be the time when, with no temptations drawing us away from our work, we finally get down to tackling some major projects!

Whether you relish those crisp, frosty mornings or dread kicking off the duvet, there’s plenty going on in the Bournemouth area to brighten up your autumn days. Major events such as Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival and Bournemouth Marathon Festival offer plenty of opportunities for meeting people, networking and getting involved in what’s happening in the community. And, of course, there’s the monthly meetings of The Boardroom Network – our next one is on Thursday 1st October at the Hallmark Hotel. Interesting, informative and stimulating conversation with business colleagues from across the region plus a good breakfast to start the day, will leave you feeling ‘right as rain’. Hope you can join us – and I promise we won’t talk about the weather at all!