kaye-crouch [su_quote cite=”Kaye Crouch, NFU Mutual” url=”http://www.nfumutual.co.uk”]The Boardroom Network is truly an effective platform for meeting great, useful businesses and individuals from Bournemouth and beyond. Kaye Crouch from insurance services providers, NFU Mutual, has been attending the Boardroom Network meetings since they first began a year ago in November 2013. In that time Kaye has secured numerous business opportunities through working with other members of the Boardroom Network, proving the Boardroom Network really does provide people with the opportunities to build effective professional relationships. In securing these business opportunities Kaye has been able to help several Boardroom Members with their insurance needs ranging from business to personal solutions. Commenting on the Boardroom Network Kaye has said: I have found the Boardroom Network to be one of the best networking events I have attended in Bournemouth! I have been going to the monthly meetings for over a year now and have developed some great working relationships with other Boardroom members. Jacqui and the team at the Boardroom Network are dedicated to ensuring that there is the exact right mix of different businesses at each Boardroom Networking event so that their members benefit from every meeting and are always introduced to someone new at each event. As such, members like Kaye Crouch have been able to make the most out of these professional opportunities whilst also providing their own services and continually making new connections. Kaye has said: I am really looking forward to being able to support many more of my Boardroom Colleagues with a fully bespoke insurance package to suit their individual needs in 2015. As one of the best networking events in Bournemouth, the Boardroom Network is truly the perfect opportunity for businesses and professionals to meet, develop great professional relationships, discover new business opportunities and gain more business success![/su_quote]


stewart-homer[su_quote cite=”Stewart Homer, Homer & Pardy” url=”http://www.homerandpardy.co.uk”]Stewart Homer of property solutions providers Homer & Pardy is one of the newest members of the Boardroom Network. However, in the short time Stewart has been attending the monthly Boardroom Network events, he has already met one client through the Boardroom Network whom he has helped to restructure their finances so that they now own 3 investment properties which are all let out! Stewart has gained this Boardroom member a much better return and higher potential equity growth on their investment properties. Meeting Stewart at the Boardroom Network has enabled the Boardroom member to gain advice which has helped them purchase 2 new build properties from Homer and Pardy, meaning both Stewart and his Boardroom member colleague have benefited from meeting at the Boardroom Network! On the other side, through an introduction at a Boardroom Network event, Stewart has set up personal health cover for himself, his co-director and their families. Stewart’s experiences of the Boardroom Network are a typical example of why people attend the Boardroom Network. Business professionals attend the Boardroom Network not only to promote their own services but also to discover the many great businesses and services which they would not otherwise be aware of, if not for the Boardroom Network. Stewart Homer has commented on the Boardroom Network: I see the Boardroom meetings as long term results for anyone who attends. The Boardroom Network provides the key to meeting new people and initiating relationships with other professionals. There is a wealth of members with amazing things to offer – all the resources are there, it’s just up to us as members to take the time to develop the relationships which the Boardroom Network has put on offer by gathering us together! The Boardroom Network is a truly a platform for results, bringing exciting professionals and business together and providing the opportunity for fantastic, mutually beneficial working relationships.[/su_quote]