TBN Winter Breakfast at The Italian Villa

TBN Winter Breakfast at The Italian Villa

What better way to launch The Boardroom Network’s New Year in Bournemouth than by a sumptuous breakfast at The Italian Villa?  The dark Winter morning had no dampening effect on the effervescent crowd of keen networkers.  We brought the weather with us – a sense of Spring-like positive expectation for the year ahead.

Tony and Justin’s team made us feel both welcome and at home – very evident by the sound level of the enthusiastic conversations between those catching up with existing friends, and also welcoming visitors as new friends to the most dynamic business network in the South!

Jacqui and Jay of The Boardroom Network create a low pressure, high energy environment.  No one is forced to share referrals but are rather encouraged to exchange details only of trusted partners.  This currency of trust is one of the important aspects that has seen the network grow year on year and has encouraged so many members to renew each season.

A key component of the high energy environment is the constant drive delivered by MC Jay Rachet as he introduces several members each month, giving them an opportunity to speak to the whole gathering.  This month there was hilarious continuity between Gerard Maguire’s encouragement to us to pay attention to what we put into our mouths, and Trisha Lewis’ equally strong insistence that we plan what comes out of our mouths!  To be more specific, Gerard continued his most welcome mission to help us understand the value of organic fruit and vegetables for our health and wellbeing.  Hey, he even gave us goodies to eat and take home!  Trisha – introvert, actress, and communication’s coach – encouraged us with her story of her rise to confident delivery through theatre improvisation.  She says this communication skill was, for her, and I quote, “life-saving.”

Finally, after a hectic Christmas season, entertainment guru, Abi shared just how important it is for all of us to value our time.  I finish with a quote from Abi: “Money comes and goes, but time only goes, so use it wisely.”


Lex McKee – Entertrainer