TBN – Our 10th Monthly Meeting – Top Ten Networking Tips to Celebrate

The Top Ten

This September marked the momentous tenth event at the Boardroom network and whilst you can read all about the meeting which was strictly back to business here: /blog/holidays-behind-us-so-it-s-business-as-usual, we also thought we would give you something extra to celebrate the success of our 10th month.

Now, as a firmly established networking event, with an average of 70 and above business professionals attending each month, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about networking.  To mark the success of our 10th event we thought it would only be apt to share with you our top ten tips to networking at the Boardroom Network.

Without further ado here are our Top Ten Tips to celebrate the tenth event at the Boardroom network:

1.       The Early Bird Catches the Worm (Or In this case the conversation!)

Arriving early to a Boardroom Network event definitely has its advantages. As an early arriver, you have a chance to engage one-on-one with attendees on a more casual basis as they arrive before our event hits full swing. This gives you the chance to converse with even more people. And of course, the more people you meet the more potential business opportunities you gain!  You also have the luxury of making the first impression in people’s minds, which is rarely a bad thing!

2.       Ear’s a tip –

As much as networking events are about promoting your own business, networking at the Boardroom Network is crucially about building relationships. Therefore you must equally be prepared and willing to hear what other businesses professionals have to say to you. After all, networking is a two way street, and building relationships are based on listening on what others have to say.

 3.       No one puts baby in the corner –

 As much as it is important to listen to others it is equally important to be approachable and willing to talk to others. Don’t stand quietly in the corner hoping someone approaches you! Although some may find it intimidating, don’t be afraid to approach new people. There will always be seasoned networkers in the room to meet and greet you  and make you welcome. After all, everyone attends The Boardroom Network for the same reason – to make new business contacts. Therefore never be afraid to approach someone, they are here for the same reason as you and should be more than happy to chat!

4.       K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid!)

To use the old acronym, keeping things simple can go a long way in approaching people and getting conversation flowing. Phrases such as “May I join you” or “What brings you to this event?” may seem overtly simple but are a great gateway into flowing conversation.

5.       You’ve got a friend in me –

As said Boardroom Network events are about building relationships and all though business may be at heart of the event, business doesn’t have to drive the conversation. At times it is as important to keep things light hearted and fun – even crack a joke or two! Talk about things that interest you and try to strike a common ground away from business as well. The more you connect with other professionals the better business relationships you’ll have!

6.       Here’s my card –

This is a simple but important one! Make sure to bring plenty of business cards with you. This is a networking essential, giving your card to all professionals you meet means they instantly have a means of contacting you. Business cards are a key to future business.

7.       The “Elevator Pitch” –

When it comes to being asked what it is you do it is important to quickly sell yourself, so you can then continue to concentrate on building relationships. The “Elevator Pitch” is the idea that you come across your business idol whilst in an elevator and as such have to quickly pitch why they should be interested in you before they disappear through those sliding doors. In your pitch you should be able to sell everything you do and say why it is unique and needed in under a minute.

8.       “If you just smile” –

Another simple one – SMILE! If you come to a Boardroom Network event smiling you are instantly more approachable – you look interested, warm, inviting and people will want to talk to you!

9.       Playing Cupid –

Know two professionals who share common interests? The Boardroom Network is a great way of introducing them to each other. Introduce the two by sharing their common interest and then let them develop the relationship as they will.  This is a fantastic way of enhancing your own network and is mutually beneficial for all!

10.   Call me maybe? (No, definitely do call!)

This one is essential! So you’ve had a great networking event, you’ve met loads of new business contacts and are on your way to starting some fantastic new business relationships. However, once you get back to the office it’s business as usual and all those new contacts you’ve made end up in your top drawer and a week later they are forgotten in the sands of time! To stay hot on the case of your potential new business relationships it is essential you follow up within 48 hours of meeting a contact, whether that be an email, text or phone call. This shows you are keen to develop the business relationship and keeps you fresh in the mind as they to go back to everyday business themselves.

So there you have it, ten top tips to networking to celebrate the 10th Boardroom Networking Event. See you all at the eleventh event on Thursday 2nd October at the Hallmark Hotel!

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