TBN Mid-January: Times for Local Businesses to Thrive

Coming into the second half of January the news is full of how this is supposedly the coldest, wettest and gloomiest time of year for working people. Many will also be starting to wane on their get fit, diet and alcohol free January resolutions. The Boardroom Network know this simply doesn’t have to be the case. To embolden your commitments and improve your outlook we want to let you know about the fantastic things going on in our area and all the great news for both businesses and networking.

To take away all those pessimistic feelings, recent figures have shown that unemployment has more than halved in most areas of Dorset in the past five years. They have also shown a drop of 52% in Bournemouth and 55% in Poole since 2010, with East Dorset unemployment claimants having falling by 60%.

These figures represent business in our area not only growing, despite uncertain times, but thriving. A ray of sunshine at the start of 2016, the up and coming climate of our local area will mean greater opportunities for groups of like-minded businesspeople to come together, recognise, create, and act upon, new and exciting business opportunities.

With the South West and Dorset close to a record number of people in work we can expect many new members to be joining us in the coming months at our range of networking events. TBN hope to be at the forefront of strengthening and developing vital business connections to continue growth in our area.

With the success of our first networking event of the year we hope to see just as many and more attend the next of our business breakfasts. The meeting will be held at the familiar Hallmark Hotel on the 4th of Feb so register now at: www.theboardroomnetwork.com/upcoming-meetings

Until then, if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding events and activities you would like to see the TBN put on please do let us know.
Contact frank@theboardroomnetwork.com or jacqui@theboardroomnetwork.com with your thoughts!