TBN May Elections, Cross Dressing, Video Marketing & Time Management

May is here and can you believe it – we are just a month away from being half way through 2015! Where has the time gone? However, with a new month comes a new opportunity for networking as we gathered again for May’s boardroom network event at the Hallmark Hotel.

Despite the bright and early start (which we’re sure our members must be getting accustomed to by now!) the room was energetic and eager to network. As cards we’re exchanged and introductions made, there was no avoiding the topic of the General Election which would take place later in the day and whilst our charismatic resident host, Jay Rachet, ushered everyone to their tables there was also a gentle reminder on the importance of voting.

After everyone had tucked into the always delicious breakfast provided by the Hallmark Hotel and elevator pitches had been made, table discussions turned to business matters. This included the importance of time management and the difference of working hours in the UK compared to other parts of the EU. Speaking about labour agreements in France, which mean that past 6 o’clock employees must ignore work emails, sparked debate as to whether this would improve productivity during work times and whether it really is necessary to be working past 8 o’clock, a concept which is likely familiar!

Once time was called on the first round table, Simon Head, a familiar patron and member of the Boardroom Network stepped up to deliver our first “two minute warmer”. Always charming, Simon, gave an interesting talk into modern family dynamics, and how for better or worse these relationships can be tested by a death in the family. Simon provided plenty of good hearted jokes to provide some light and shade to a serious topic which could have been particularly morbid. However, the mental image of Simon in a dress, which he left us with, may stay with some of us for days!

After the second table swap, Andrew Plant from Imagine Photographic took to the floor. Andrew, who will be very familiar to most of our members as the Boardroom Network’s very own “paparazzi”, gave a compelling talk which emphasised the importance of video as tool for marketing your business. This included how important videos are for both social media (videos and photos on Facebook are 39% more likely to get likes, comments and shares) and how videos on your website are great for SEO and will improve your page rankings on Google.

As it was time to call a close on another successful Boardroom Network, Jay thanked everyone in attendance and was pleased to announce that there were 24 new visitors at this month’s event. Two bottles of champagne were in order as awards this month for Diane Banten and Mark Blunden as joint winners, both inviting the most amount of new visitors!

Finally, Jacqui was delighted to tell everyone that in July, after last year’s success, we will be returning to the stunning Italian Villa for an outdoor BBQ Breakfast – hopefully in the same scorching heat that last year’s event brought!

Thanks again to everyone attended and we’ll see you on Thursday the 4th of June back at the Hallmark Hotel!

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