TBN January – New Year and New Offerings!

It’s a new year and a new beginning as January the 14th brought the first Boardroom Network Meeting of 2016. Over 70 people scraped the frost off their cars and braved the cold to make the worthy early morning journey to The Italian Villa where the first TBN of 2016 kicked off in style.

The Italian Villa is one of TBN’s favourite venues and it is a testament to the glorious Villa (and the TBN of course) that so many of our members, plus 20 visitors, flocked to Canford Cliffs for networking at, what is traditionally, a quiet time of the year. As all in attendance grabbed the crucial ‘pick-me-ups’ of coffee and tea, conversation flowed with New Year well-wishes, Christmas holiday fun and the fact that the festive period already seems like months ago!

Our charismatic host, Jay Ratchett, then took to the microphone to officially start proceedings with the promise of a delicious Beales Gourmet breakfast in the main hall. With this, our members took their places at their first round table. After indulging on their brekkie, it was time for the first one minute elevator pitches as each of our members had the opportunity to provide us with an insight on themselves and their businesses.

Following the ‘bang, bang, bang’ of Jay’s Gavel, Mr Ratchett introduced the first of the morning’s two minute warmers. Matt Peacock of Star Tech Automotive was the first one to take to the podium and provided an insight into his business which finished with an enticing offer for all TBN members – 10% off your next car service and an MOT reminder service. Make sure to contact Matt if this sounds like an offer too good to miss!
It was then time to change places as our members made their way to their second round table. After more ‘minute presentations’, conversation around the tables turned to matters of business and finance; including changes at HMRC (to be come 13 regional Offices) and current Government “consultations” which will impact on us all. We are fortunate indeed to have so much expertise in the room.

Once the second round table of 2016 had come to an end, Frank Marsh of Positive Business Services took to the floor as our second two-minute warmer. Always lively and smiling, Frank announced that Jacqui has asked him to become the new ‘feedback correspondent’ for TBN. As part of this, Frank and the TBN now want to hear from you, our members, on how you would like to see The Boardroom Network Business Club grow in 2016, as we aim to become a “club of value”.

Some potential ideas which Frank sounded to the room included:

  • Luncheon Meetings (2 per year?)
  • More Golfing Days for the TBN Golf Society (hopefully with better weather!)
  • Special Workshops to help businesses address everyday challenges
  • A TBN Exhibition
  • A “Meet the Buyer” Event
  • Sponsored Events (for which we already have some high street names interested)
  • Corporate Days for Members, their Clients and colleagues (perhaps The Races?)

These are just some of the ideas Frank and the TBN Office are working on. However, we need to hear from you to make sure these ideas really are worth pursuing and that the TBN grows in the way our members want it too. So make sure to get in touch and have your say!

Following this exciting news, it was time for the very first TBN of 2016 to come to an end. Jay thanked all our members and guests for attending and declared Liam Wyatt as the winner of the customary champagne in reward for inviting the most visitors. And, with that, January’s TBN came to a close.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our first TBN of the year and hope to see you all again, plus more, at our next TBN Meeting when we will return to our ‘home’ at The Hallmark Hotel on the 4th of Feb.

Register at: www.theboardroomnetwork.com/upcoming-meetings
Until then, if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding events and activities you would like to see the TBN put on please do let us know. Contact frank@theboardroomnetwork.com or jacqui@theboardroomnetwork.com with your thoughts!