TBN – It all starts with a hello

It’s been said that a simple hello can lead to a million things and in networking this is certainly the case. You never know what possibilities and relationships will develop from that initial hello at a networking event.

That’s why summer is the perfect season for networking. Bournemouth comes alive with a plethora of events throughout the summer which can be great networking opportunities. Every event you attend, every conversation you create, every hello can lead to more possibilities. Networking doesn’t just have to take place in a business environment.

Attending events such as The Bournemouth Air Festival, for example, can be a great way to meet local businesses and exhibitors from the Bournemouth community and beyond who may not attend typical networking events. Opportunities like these are a brilliant way to get to know people and share who you are and introduce your business outside of a formal setting. You never know who you’ll meet unless you say hello!

However one top tip to think about is not to break out into a sales pitch. People are attending to have fun so get to know them. We’ve said it before, but if people get to know you and like what you’re about – this can lead to references and other business opportunities. So relax, have fun and enjoy a brilliant networking opportunity that could lead to new business introductions.

Another way to network this summer (and throughout the year for that matter) is online. So many opportunities for networking are at our fingertips thanks to social media and we should make the most of them. One way to utilise online networking is to use spare time to connect. For example take a spare hour over a long summer weekend to extend your online contacts and link with new people online. Write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn, tweet people in your network or comment on a relevant Facebook post – the possibilities are endless.

The Boardroom Network is on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter so interacting with our social media pages can be a great starting point for online networking.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theboardroomnetwork?fref=ts

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Boardroom-Network-5161790/about

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theboardroomnet

So remember, summer is the season for networking. We’ll be making the most of this with our summer barbeque on the 2nd of July – come along to the beautiful Italian Villa to enjoy an amazing breakfast courtesy of Beales Gourmet and the opportunity to network in the sunshine (fingers crossed!).

Before then, we look forward to seeing everyone at our next networking event, taking place on the 4thof June at the Hallmark Hotel – join us and see where a simple hello can lead you!