TBN has got talent

TBN's Got Talent

The Elite Business Women Clubs and The Boardroom Network events I’ve attended this month have broadcast one consistent message: We’ve Got Talent!

The final TBN breakfast of the year – TBN Solent – demonstrated this eloquently with educationally-rich and inspiring delivery from Michael Birchmore, Neill Shurville, and Steve Davis.

The Brass Is Greener...

Michael Birchmore – of FabShab fame (Reclaim, Rennovate, Recycle) – exhorted us to embrace more of the colour green in our decor and our working environment.

From helpful tips on the value of the Peace Lily to clean the air, through to the power of more plants, and on to the impact of a garden view… Michael walked us up the garden path to Environmental Psychology.

Where there’s “Green” there’s Brass (in terms of more productive success!)  I’d encourage all of us to engage with Michael to discover more.

Happiness Is a Hotdog

It was great to hear Neill Shurville’s story of seizing opportunity as an emerging entrepreneur at college.

Neill had shared with our Bournemouth group (video is available on our YouTube channel), but this time I ‘got’ more of his message.

Entrepreneurialism is seeing a pattern or opportunity, or healing a pain that other people haven’t perceived or acted upon.

From Neill’s presentation, the steps seem clear:

  • See the opportunity
  • Seize the opportunity by providing a solution
  • Create the solution using the resources you have within your budget – building your infrastructure
  • Establish a systematic approach to delivering that solution – so that anyone can deliver it who trusts the process
  • Recruit the team so that your time is freed to work on the next opportunity!

It was clear that Neill did not have a passion for Hotdogs, nor did he love the upgrade to Waffles on a Stick – though he was proud of this innovation.  No, Neill’s drive is the passion he has for realising opportunities.

That approach is currently being expressed in his software development company, Mooloo Media – building software for business efficiency.

Teaching Through Turkey!

Steve Davis shared a family-favourite recipe that has delivered consistent success for years – the Davis’ Delicious Christmas Turkey.

Using this as a metaphor for using proven recipes to achieve branding success too, Steve introduced, “The ingredients to help you produce amazing brand guidelines and cook the best roast turkey ever this Christmas!”

Design snobs amongst us positively salivated at the quality of Steve’s handout.  In fact, Frank Marsh has said on our table – just before Steve’s presentation – that customers need 11 touchpoints now before they learn to trust us and buy from us.  I believe that Steve’s handout was one of the best touchpoints I’ve yet seen at TBN.

There are lashings of tasty and valuable guidance in Steve’s leaflet, and if you didn’t get one, it will be our pleasure to get a PDF version to you.

TBN's Got Talent; EBW's Got Talent - so let's seize the opportunity

From the clarity of Zara Hogg’s and Samantha Davis’ flowchart on “Making Tax Digital,” to the beauty of Steve Dunn’s slides on “How to Improve Sales through Good Design;” from the impact of Darren Coates’ huge visual for, “Play Your Cards Right,” (and play your cars right, right?) through to the practical take-away of Steve Davis’ brand guidelines leaflet – AND many more examples this year – I can literally see, and often tangibly feel the quality of the expertise showcased at our meetings.

Our members are brilliant, experts in their field.  That brilliance is accentuated through delivering a good keynote, supporting it through professional powerpoint presentations, and undergirding the call to action through practical, physical, ideally printed take-aways.

This has inspired me to want more in 2019.  There are an increasing number of opportunities for our members to become more recognised in association with The Boardroom Network and Elite Business Women brands.  For example, Venture Fest South will be having an event on innovation at the Ageas Bowl in March.  I would love it if we could work with several members to showcase their own innovative businesses.

Without any doubt, we could build a market awareness of The Boardroom Network as the place to go to source expertise – and I intend to work with any member who wishes to raise their profile as, “The Expert on…”  In fact, if I achieve my goals for 2019, we’ll have 52 podcasts by the end of the year – featuring members (could it be you?)  We also need to step up the number and quality of videos we post because video really does capture the imagination, the attention, the market.

Sam Sharma shared with me my “Quote of the Year,” for 2018.  It was,

“Never coach anyone without their permission!”

Trust me, I’m gagging to support experts like you so that you can shine through more platforms and channels… but I know I shouldn’t do this without your permission.  Let me leave you to think about these opportunities over Christmas, then.
When you’re ready, know that we can collaborate on getting your message out there to more customers in a memorable way that will encourage them to say, “Yes!” to you as their opportunity!

Lex McKee

The Boardroom Education

(NOT “The Bedroom Education,” as I introduced myself to Table 1!!!)

Thanks this month goes to Jay Rachet for being our Master of Ceremonies, and to Justin Wharmby for the excellent photos; to Jacqui Frampton for planing, organising and orchestrating such a well-structured event, to Dawn Palmer for giving folks such a warm welcome, and to all our table-ambassadors for creating so much energy in the room.