TBN February – Spotlights Avoidable Business Diseases, Property Investment Opportunities & Survival networking Guides

We know that February is the month of Love, but we were just bowled over by how many of our incredible membership contributed to the number of  guests at this month’s meeting – 30 in total – which not only demonstrated their commitment but also how much they value our group! – Thank you

With nearly 90 people in the room, it was always going to be a busy and vibrant event. Everyone was clearly pleased to have survived January (only to be faced with a frosty February), and to now at least have the glimpse of sunrise on arrival.

Our host Jay Rachet kicked off proceedings by asking our table hosts to commence round-table discussions and introductions. It was good to see a big emphasis on making referrals, and there was also plenty of high praise from people who had enjoyed positive working experiences with others in the room.

Our first “two minute warmer” speaker was Stewart Homer of Homer and Pardy, who highlighted how their company are helping people invest in property – without the need for investing in a whole property. The idea of property crowdfunding is a new one, but it is clearly a lucrative proposition – with good returns, low interest rates and a good way to build up One’s property portfolio.

Following the regular table swaps, our next speaker was John Attridge of  BBX UK – or, at least, he would have had you calling him “Dr John”, as he arrived at the podium wearing medical scrubs, purporting to be from “The Centre for Avoidable Business Diseases”, such as the incredulously named “Cash Flatulence”, “BANKprofilitis” and of course “SPAREcapacilitis”. The overriding message was clear – businesses often have spare capacity, and his company, BBX UK, are perfectly poised to help businesses turn that spare capacity into an asset rather than a liability.

Finally, our February meeting was nicely finished off with a pertinent talk by Kevin Sheldrake from The Boardroom Advisory Boards, as he proudly offered a free eBook called “The Survival Guide to Networking” – and given the nature of our organisation, we can’t help but fully endorse this wonderful piece of literature, which we hope will encourage other business owners to dip their toe in our wonderful networking pool!  You can get your free copy of the eBook by simply following the link: http://www.theboardroom.org.uk/the-boardrooms-survival-guide-to-networking.html
Or texting “SURVIVAL” followed by your email address to 66777.

The champagne for introducing the most new visitors to TBN was won this month by New Member Tom Ross of Fore Solutions.

Thank you again to all who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all again at our March event, onThursday 5th March

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