Summer on the South Coast – TBN Bournemouth in June

The sense of Summer was upon us… early dawn, birdsong, and complete with the obligatory Summer shower!

Networking Hacks

Personally, yesterday was a real ‘hit’ for me.  The first of Sam Sharma’s “Networking Hacks” was bang-on-the-money (assisted by his mischievous models: Sam Dyer and El Lexicon!)

Body language shouts so loudly we often can’t hear what the person is saying with their words.

If our bodies say, “No entry, we’re engaged,” it’s hard – especially for a visitor – to join us. Leaving the ‘triangle’ of body posture open for a third to join is like putting out the ‘Welcome’ mat.  I know so many of us rate the ‘warmth-of-welcome’ as one of the most engaging factors of The Boardroom Network, so knowing these easy-to-apply tips can add to what is already a strength.  Thanks Sam!

Sam will be adding more fast and effective networking hacks to as many meetings as possible.  Get ready to collect the whole set!

How Does A Multi-Million Pound Company Sound To You?

Stephen Bavister, like Sam Sharma and Sam Dyer, has been transforming business performance for years – adding massive value to the economy.  So what gems can people like Stephen distill from all this experience? Stephen gave us three manageable pointers:

  • Saying, “No!” to the wrong type of customers – this was a game-changer for me because of the benefit that Stephen clearly spelled out: increased capacity. Saying “No!” to an ill-fitting customer means saying, “Yes!” to a better fit.  Better fit means better profit.
  • Be the Best in the World at what you do – leading me to the thought that it would be totally awesome to aim for “World Class; Global Impact.”
  • Systemise marketing and sales.

I loved these three so much that Pete Doughty and I filmed Stephen afterward to get a better record of these for you.  I’ll share them on YouTube and our Facebook pages.

If I can pick up the Best in the World point, The Boardroom Network can be the Best in the World in Bournemouth, the Best in the World in Salisbury, the Best in the World in Solent. The idea is to be best in class in your chosen territory to your chosen target market.  That way, world-class excellence is easily possible.  Of course, this means ‘we’ – not leaving it up to Jacqui and Jay.

What do you say, will you work with us to establish World Class recognition?

Getting The Recognition You Deserve

That leads me to how Darren Northeast may be able to help.  Darren shared about the awards Darren Northeast PR has helped many of our members achieve.  Darren gave us DIY pointers if we wanted to go down that self-service route, but I must say (or I’ll burst if I don’t), doing it yourself is contra the spirit of TBN. The whole point of the community is to work with other members of the community to achieve a far bigger impact than we could do alone.  It’s synergy where 1+1=3.  I’m wondering if a group of us could band together to get TBN recognised?  Message me if you want in.

[And I may be speaking out of turn, but isn’t it time Jacqui got a Venus award?  We can do our part to make that happen.  Let’s do it, shall we?]

Here are Darren’s excellent pointers which are equally relevant whether or not you do it yourself or whether you take the more empowering route of doing it with Darren.

  1. Answer the question! It’s back to the exams – the judges want the response they asked for…  It’s a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many people have no brain!  (I said that, not Darren – he’s not rude.)
  2. Use testimonials – Social Proof is essential nowadays – don’t merely say how great you are – prove it! It is always better (and more British) to get someone else to rave about you!
  3. Use the full word count – 400 words means 400 words. This is one situation where less is not more.  Use all the potential provided by the word allowance.  Go the distance!
  4. Provide media-rich support material: videos, photographs, animated slideshows. Let’s face it, there are enough people in our own network who can present you in your best light.
  5. Darren’s last point woz a delite – check the grammer and smelling. Grammar and spelling anomalies are an instant fail. Loose vowels lead to inconsonants – messy, and such sloppiness says that the applicant hasn’t bothered to put the time in.

I’m sure we are all with one voice in wishing Darren all the best for his wedding this weekend!  Who will catch the bouquet?  Pictures, pretty please!!!

Does Your Business A Doctor?

Thankfully we had the Business Doctor up next, David Jeans, with Sam Sharma – an amazing performance coach (though not a nurse, more a surgeon!)  They are offering you and I and opportunity to leap forward in our level of achievement by attending.  Please reach out to Sam and David to book your place directly.

(NB. that’s neither Sam nor David in the picture, but there’s magic in that image, don’t you agree?!)

Trisha Lewis Has Stars In Her Eyes

Trisha Lewis is making this impact by performing for a purpose on Saturday 16th.  Do reach out to Trisha if you are ready, willing, and able to give her the support she asked for so that she, in turn, can support her chosen cause.  Then we will discover who, on the night, she will be!!!  The goal is to take a table at the event so let’s put some action where our passion is.

Breakfast for Good – You Are What You Share – #BreakfastforGood


And talking of putting action behind our passion, this meeting, because of 16 guests, triggered 16 impacts through – feeding 16 children for 90 days.

Here’s the maths… 1 guest breakfast = 90 days for a child in Africa using a very carefully curated project where 100% of our giving goes to where we want it to go.

(The admin is paid for by a fee to B1G1 directly.  They even pay the exchange rate charges and banking costs so that it really is 100% going to each project.)  This is “business for good” – so we are now doing “Breakfast for Good.”  Watch out for and please use the tag #BreakfastforGood.

May I Share An Opportunity?  Would You Like To Catch The Dream?

The current #BreakfastforGood initiative is coming out of my pocket (‘cos I’m such a goody-two-shoes?  No, because it’s up to Entrepreneurs to clean up the mess this world’s in, and because we can!)  I do it because I believe in it and am feeling empowered to do something about it.

I’d love to do more.  The more of you who catch the dream, the more a local network like us can, collectively, have a Global impact.  Message me to discover how you can make a difference by becoming a “business for good”… and in return, how your business can become a better business in terms of impact on your bottom line.  Good business pays.  I have the evidence to prove it, and I’m happy to share with you when you’re ready.  Specifically, a slide deck that includes how one business-for-good went from £220k turnover to £1.2million.  Sounds good to me.

The Boardroom Education means Business

Living in an era where great content can be gathered for free from YouTube, The Boardroom Education recognises that participants want to pay for an experience NOT content.  This is one reason why we believe the value is often in the quality of the personalised coaching after and during an event, and in the debriefing of the psychological assessment tools we utilise to transform performance. With this in mind, we have three events for your diaries:

  • June 29th– Influence for Good – with Astrid Davies and Lex McKee
  • July 8thor 13th(single date tbc) – The Pillars of Success – with Sam Dyer
  • August (date tbc) – Mr Motivator himself, Jamie Skipper, will be doing motivational profiling with us, so that we can get the right motivation behind our goals. Sam Dyer will then do a second session on Goal-Setting.

These events will be experience-rich.  You’ll get a chance to ‘play’ – to be hands-on so that you can really benefit is a way that is impossible through reading a book, watching a YouTube video, or listening to a podcast.  All these media are good, necessary, and valuable, but nothing beats experience.

Our first event was content rich – and highly valuable – but very low on interaction.  That is not going to happen again.  This means that if you just want to learn passively, the events are a poor-fit, but if you want to play – join us today!

The truth is that we have very limited availability.  This is deliberate because experience requires a low facilitator-participant ratio. Specifically, there are only 20 places, absolute maximum, per programme.  And, dare I say, the venue is the delicious, delectable, and desirable ‘Hotel du Vin’?  Part of your experience fee will be the option to stay on after the 3-hour workshop to enjoy fabulous-fare at a fair price!

If you’re interested, contact me, Lex, directly to discuss options and the preferential rates that TBN members (not guests) can get.

Wow!  I know that was a long one… at least Jay Rachet knows how to get us out on time!  Thanks Jay!