Spring is Here! – Networking is about Planting Relations

Can you believe it? February has now been and gone, the nights are getting lighter and slowly but surely the weather is starting to get warmer… or at least we’re convincing ourselves it is! However, spring IS coming and as we step into the first days of the season, we were reminded of this networking quote which feels particularly relevant for the time of year:

“Networking is not about collecting contacts! Networking is about planting relations.”

Whilst farmers and gardeners will now be starting to see the fruits of their labour as the shoots begin to rise, we believe spring is the perfect time to start planting new business relationships and The Boardroom Network is the ideal field to sow these seeds.

After all, spring is the season for rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth and networking can help not only bring some fresh new ideas to your business but can also be the start of new working relationships. Like farmers, it is then up to us to cultivate and grow these relationships so that we can get the best products possible. However, networking, as the field in which these relationships start to grow, is essential. By regularly attending events you will not only ensure these relationships remain nurtured but will continue to plant more potential seeds – and of course the more seeds you plant the more crops will grow. To put it straight: the more regularly you attend networking events  the more people you will meet which means more opportunities become available!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday the 5th of March, where we will all continue cultivating the relationships we have started to grow this year alongside planting some new ones.

As the days get brighter, the weather gets warmer and we truly get into the swing of Spring this is the perfect time for strong and effective Networking!

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