Spring has sprung!

italian villa garden

The glorious setting of Compton Acres for our March meeting of the TBN Bournemouth Breakfast Club reminded us that we can look forward to lighter and warmer mornings now that Spring is here. Our thanks to the Italian Villa for once again hosting us and providing us with delicious food and excellent service.

We were missing a vital part of the team because Jay Rachet, our resident MC, was suffering from a knee injury so Jacqui Frampton  took the role and bravely stood in to welcome a total of 88 members and visitors, although she was unsure about using Jay’s new gavel to call order and relied on the in-house PA system instead.

Bronwen Vearncombe from Palgrave Properties was our first speaker of the morning who outlined the background to her setting up the business with her husband. Basing their learning on the bestselling book ‘Property Magic’ by Simon Zutshi (http://amzn.to/2lhxb5u) in 12 months they created a portfolio of £2.5m with a passive income of £50K. Bronwen is offering members the opportunity learn more about this type of investment by launching a series of live webinars in which she will share the top tips she has learned over the last 3 years about buying a property, refurbishing it and then renting it out for profit. She is looking for 15 people to take part in the webinars, who will receive a free copy of the book, and who will become part of her ‘Property investing Foundation’. http://palgraveproperties.co.uk/

Do you know where your Oomph is? Caroline Carr, from Find your Oomph, explained that oomph is not just about get up and go, it is about a deep-seated sense of freedom and joy and a feeling that it’s great to be alive. But why is it important that we feel these things? She described how we serve others better when we are in that place and things flow more easily to us. Caroline is offering an Oomph Experience Retreat in Ibiza from 20th-27th May. She is offering a discount for TBN members who let her know by 3rd March that they would like to attend. For more details, visit www.findyouroomph.com

Congratulations to Sonia Mundey from Yellow Book Interiors who announced that she has won the online property design site Houzz Best House Design in 2017 & Customer Service Award!

Sonia works commercially and also with homeowners to ‘stage’ their properties prior to sale. One of her success stories is a recent client who had a house in Fordingbridge which had been on the market for a year with little interest.  After working with Sonia to restyle the house, the owner accepted an offer within 4 weeks for £27K more than the previous offer.

Sonia was reminded by a friend that her achievements are a direct result of the hard work she has put in over the years and she closed her 5 minutes with the classic Richard Branson quote that ‘it takes years of hard work to become an overnight sensation’.


Our final speaker, Ian Skinner from the Diverse Cleaning Company, spoke passionately about the issue of personal hygiene. How many of us would challenge someone coming out of the lavatory who hasn’t washed their hands? It made for uncomfortable listening but there is a very serious point here that Ian wanted to get across –  that bacteria or germs are being spread like wildfire as between 7% & 10% of the UK population do not wash their hands. As a result, a massive number of work hours are being lost due to sickness.  Ian very kindly provided bottles of hand sanitiser for each table and stressed that we all need to be mindful of our own personal hygiene out of respect for others. http://www.deep-cleaning.com/

We said a fond farewell to one of our founder members, Frank Marsh, who is moving out of the area. Frank spoke briefly about how working as a team makes things happen and that is certainly what he has brought to TBN. Thanks to Frank for all the positive energy and enthusiasm, and we wish Frank and his wife Barbara much happiness in their new life.

Jacqui welcomed new members Andy Parker from Parker Marketing, James Wallis from Aben Financial, Peter James from 1stStop Cleaning and Steven Bavister from Lexis Click, and closed the meeting with a reminder that the next TBN Solent Meeting is on Friday 17th March.

TBN Bournemouth returns to the Hallmark Hotel on Thursday 6th April.