Social Media 2020

It’s Probably Your Fault – Simon Scholes on Social Media 2020

Simon Scholes presented as one of the Keynote Speakers for The Boardroom Network, Wiltshire’s special January Luncheon.

In a rapid process of elimination, Simon opened with these three questions:

Q. How many of you have set Business Goals for your 2020 Vision? (A few of us)

Q. How many of you have created a Marketing Plan? (A few less! What is a Marketing Plan anyway?)

Q. How many of you have aligned your Goals with your Marketing Plan? (OK, that would be NONE of us!)


If It’s Not Working, It’s Probably Your Fault!

The title of Simon’s speech was, “If It’s Not Working, It’s Probably Your Fault!” meaning that if you’ve not aligned your Business Goals with your Marketing Plan… especially when it comes to video… and nothing seems to be working, well, it’s probably (i.e. ‘definitely’) your fault!  Nice!

From Decathlete to Broadcaster

Simon took us through how his personal history ran from being a Decathlete through serious injury into a career in Independent Radio.  The description of the injury was gruesome! I’ll spare you that in case you’re reading this while eating!

Simon has worked with Burberry and Ikea and other famous brands on marketing, an amazing track record. He got our attention!

His current Digital Agency has worked with brand names like Pepsi too. Credibility established!

The Difference that Makes a Difference – loss and learning

All was amazing until his Dad died – leading to a life re-evaluation and a resetting of his priorities.  High up on those priorities in video and its value to Social Media.  Not all video, however, is of equal value.  Simon gave us tips on multi-purposing video and other content so that you cut-it-once, use-it-thrice-or-more – dovetailing it into your aforementioned Marketing Plan and Business Goals… and the big focus needs to be on ‘live’ video.

Tip 1 Consistency – be regular

Think about what you’re going to be blogging about.  Can you tie it into Calendar events?  For example, I know most of my listeners on SoundCloud are in the USA.  There’s a wonderful site called – which will give you daily inspiration for a radio-style Facebook or LinkedIn Live.  (The latter, btw, is way more technical!)

Blogging is the first step.  For instance, if it’s National Hugging Day, a recent National Day (in America), you can blog on, “When was the last time you (metaphorically) hugged your clients, letting them know how much you appreciated them and their business?”

The National Days are just one example of how you can tie your blog into world events or into what may be trending on Twitter.  Another way is just to check for subjects that are trending on Twitter.

Tip 2 ‘Social’ Media should emphasise the ‘Social’ aspect

Be Social… OK? No brainer.

That means that if someone goes through the pilgrimage to: 1) find you, and 2) actually read your post, and then 3) infrequently and rarely, take the time to respond… it is wise to show good business etiquette and thank them, returning the compliment.  It’s the essence of ‘Being Social’.

Tip 3 Ascend from Blogging to Video – it’s a game-changer

The most highly favoured forms of Social Media content at the moment are ‘live’ broadcasts on:

·      Facebook Live

·      Periscope (Twitter)

·      YouTube Live

·      LinkedIn Live

I know that for most this is a terrifying thought…. No editing… raw YOU!

In Professional Radio, you have a Snoop.  This is someone who gives you blunt feedback.  One of Simon’s first breakthrough pieces of feedback from his own Radio Snoop was, “Simon, you’re talking at your audience instead of to your audience.”

In response, Simon, brought a… …Teddy Bear into the Radio Studio, and addressed his comments to the Teddy Bear as if it was a real person.   Clearly this worked.  In case you don’t have a Teddy Bear, have an image of someone you relate to who is an example of yoru target audience, then go ‘live’ as if you were talking to them (rather than at them.)

Talk to the lens – or your chosen image or Teddy Bear behind the camera in the right place for you to look down the barrel of the lens – this makes it feel personal for the viewers.  Then you can download the content and repurpose it for multiple channels… including the BIGGEST surprise win which we are about to reveal…

Tip 4 Podcasts (and thus, Podcasters) are the new stars of the show

Video may have killed the Radio Star, but audio is back bringing in the big audiences!

Strip out the audio from your Facebook Live and realise the Power of Convenience.  Turn the audio stream into a Podcast and make it available as downloadable content.

  • Q. What will happen next?

Shock-horror… the very people who resisted sitting still for five minutes to watch your Facebook Live will download you and take you into their most intimate personal spaces – rich with the associations of trust.  Yes, they’ll download you and listen to you

  • in the gym,
  • on the way to work in their most private space – their car,
  • in the bath, and even…. Sometimes…
  • in bed!


Our thanks go to Simon for a practical and entertaining presentation!