Reasons to be Cheerful

reasons to be cheerful

It’s dark, it’s winter, it’s 6.30am – time to spring into action… I’m not sure if breakfast business networking is for you but it was certainly worth it for those of us who took that action to attend the year’s first meeting of The Boardroom Network in Solent!

In addition to an excellent breakfast at the Solent Hotel, we had four succinct and beneficial presentations from our own members.  Steve Bieniek started us off with the good news that merchants can no longer impose on consumers payment surcharges for using credit or debit cards.  What I particularly liked was the way Steve put figures on what it really costs a merchant to process our payments.  We’ve been ripped off for years and now that stops!

Mark Blunden, an expert in sales, used the example of Ford’s innovative thinking to highlight that there are companies who can do the things we need to do but don’t want to do far more successfully than we can.  Again, adding figures to make his point, Mark’s company, Augmentas, has helped one of their clients win £12,000,000 in business for £10,000 of investment.  How?  By writing their tenders for them.  Hate writing tenders?  Time to connect with Mark!

How can we become more memorable than our competitors?  Richard Mack showed us how the mugs RT Promotions produce can add a real ‘Wow!’ – to the point where people really want to have and to hold one!  Of course, Richard produces all manner of promotional marketing goods – including a very illuminating pen!

Pam Bates finished our short presentations with the good news that we can all network more effectively, and very easily.  The key is in face-to-face networking first – rather than email or telephone.  Pam strongly suggested that the best kind of networking involves buying from trusted members, rather than from selling to each other – an important distinction.  Most people are struck by just how welcoming our meetings are – and how there is no pressure.  Jacqui and Jay have created the ideal environment for us to relax and just do business naturally.

How would you feel if you were certain you would have the opportunity to share your message with up to 18 people per meeting?  Alongside the practical presentations, each member and visitor gets to share a 1-minute introduction to their business with two tables of up to 10 participants each meeting.  That’s 18 great reasons to come for breakfast.

If you’ve not been before and would be open-minded about giving this kind of informal networking a go, send us a personal message – it would be our pleasure to welcome you.  And, of course, if you have been before, you know how welcome you’ll be when you come to the next meeting.

What happens next?  If you’d like to take up the opportunity to join us in Bournemouth, our next meeting is 1st February, where we’ll be meeting at the Hallmark Hotel (7-9am).  If Solent is more suitable for you, we’ll be back on the 16th February.


Lex McKee – Entertrainer