Protect Prepare Persist and Present Yourself

These are the smiling faces of Bournemouth TBN’s Ambassadors for October – left to right, top row first: Simon Head, Simon Steele-Williams, Richard Mack, Jamie Forster, Graham Down, Justin Cohen, Chris Palmer, and Denise Ward.  A big “Thank You!” to all our Ambassadors – the catalysts that help each meeting flow to a successful conclusion.

As you can see from Chris’ face here, the meeting was full of ideas, inspiration, and good humour!

Our presentation themes were:

  • Protection – with Lee Thomas from Pangea Life – protecting us from the chapters in life that we’d like to avoid
  • Preparation – with Simon Head from Head and Wheble – preparing us, with a smile, for that final chapter of life
  • Persistence – with Jamie Forster from – persisting in the need to help the homeless this Winter
  • Presentation – with Andy Taylor-Whyte from The Inspiration Bureau – helping us face that monster – high on the list of fears – delivering presentations!

Blended with the excitement of…

  • Promotions – we also highlighted forthcoming opportunities:
    • Pam Bates of Silk Bow Events has the “Women Mean Business and a Few Good Men,” on Oct 11th
    • Andy Whyte of The Inspiration Bureau unveils “The Code,” on Oct 11th
    • John Parrett of Fox Tailoring with a range of opportunities for men to explore lifestyle with panache
    • Lex McKee of The Boardroom Education hosting a LinkedIn hands-on workshop at Hotel du Vin on 16th October, getting your profile up to World Class
    • Jacqui Frampton sharing a major milestone for us, with next month’s meeting on 1st November being our 5th Anniversary in Bournemouth!  Time to celebrate!

Protection – with Lee Thomas

Lee helped us to recognise that although some of the chapters in our life story can be unpleasant, we can still prepare for them.  The pain of distress can be considerably eased with the right provision of protection in place.  Of course, if we are going to put such provision in place, it helps to work with a small team of experts who are passionate about delivering the right products wrapped in considerate, professional service.  This is one reason why we were delighted to hear that Lee and his team have formed Pangea Life, parting amicably from the larger Portmore Life.

This means even more personal and tailored service from a member whom we’ve all come to know, like, and trust.  Lee’s purpose for getting out of bed in the morning shone through loud and clear – he does it for his family, and to protect his own lifestyle that he values.  We can, therefore, be sure that the same level of care and attention he has invested in driving his business forward will be applied to the insurance requirements of any member who would like the peace of mind that Lee and the team can deliver.

Preparation – with Simon Head

Linking perfectly in from a couple of comments in Lee Thomas’ presentation, Simon got us grinning about the afterlife within the first few seconds of his presentation.  Quoting Lee, he said….

“‘Rising from the ashes…’ well, if I get that, I’m really in trouble!”

“‘Waking up and finding I’m dead…’ where do you do that?  Where do you go from there?!”

Established in 1926, the family history goes back even before this date with Father and Grandfather working in other Funeral businesses before the establishment of Head & Wheble.

Humour flowed through Simon’s serious speech, with key points punctuated with laughter from the audience.

The call can come at any time of day or night, and regardless of how you feel, a professional Funeral Director needs to be ready to support people in their time of distress.  Mobile technology has made Simon’s job far easier, freeing the team from needing to be at home or in the office at all times, but the commitment to immediate personal support remains the same.

Simon made the powerful point about understanding people’s culture with the story of a client who was famous for never wearing a tie.  When this man’s wife had passed away 10 years ago, Simon had encouraged John (who never wore a suit or tie) to put on a tie for once… something his grandsons thought was hilarious.  When the time came for John himself to pass on, Simon expressed his sympathy with the family by immediately standing up, taking his own tie off, and undoing a couple of shirt buttons.  This instantly helped ease the atmosphere, and clearly demonstrates that having the right Funeral Director is like having someone who knows and supports the family through this most challenging chapter in life’s story.

An increasing number of funerals involve no service.  Having a Will with a carefully chosen Executor is essential to prepare for the future.  Simon highlighted the discomfort caused by a funeral they are trying to arrange through the Solicitor General.  This takes too much time for some cultural requirements.  In this case, the deceased is Jewish and religious protocol dictates that she needs to be buried within a narrow timeframe – in this case, a week ago.  Because there is no Will, Simon has to wait for the right paperwork, a delay that is causing distress for family and the Rabbi.  All this can be avoided – simply by having a Will.  You can guess the call to action!

Two serious presentations nevertheless epitomise the power of The Boardroom Network to help protect us from the worst and prepare for the inevitable – allowing a huge measure of peace of mind in the meantime.

Panache! with John Parrett

John Parrett of Fox Tailoring highlighted a string of opportunities for men to consider being well-groomed for Life’s adventures.  It was a year ago to the day that John hosted his fashion show at Canvas, including a vision of Chris Palmer in his underwear dancing to “I Can’t Give Satisfaction!”  I think John knew the right title, but we did all laugh!

A new membership club is in the pipeline together with the next big event, using a Flamenco theme… so if anyone knows any Flamenco Dancers, please call John!

On the 25th October is John’s Male Lifestyle Evening.  This will showcase products and services focused on men.  With support from Brough Superior, Mercedes, and Sunseeker.  Skin care experts, Mint Barbers, beard care, health, jewellery, men’s accessories and gifts, a colour consultant will all feature during the evening.  All this is free to attend, but John needs us to log on to Eventbrite so that they can get the catering right.

Persistence – with Jamie Forster

Jamie Forster is getting a reputation for being one of our most jovial of Ambassadors.  I’m sure many of us have seen that wonderful smile captured time and time again by our photographer, Justin Wharmby.  Jamie’s smile and infectious laugh only accentuate his deep compassion for his fellow humans.  This is a member who wears his heart boldly on his sleeve – demonstrated by his presentation on the story of Victor.  Victor is a homeless man whom Jamie and his family supported for a season, and who joined them for Christmas.

We don’t know where Victor is now, but Jamie was able to walk us through the persistence needed in seeking to help the homeless.  Beaten up at home, Victor chose homelessness rather than the danger of staying in his domestic situation.  He left home before he’d received his National Insurance Number, which meant getting Victor help was problematic and turned out to be impossible within the time that Jamie was seeking to move Victor towards the goals he wanted to achieve.

You can hear the full story on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Rather than give up, Jamie encouraged us all to get involved as the weather turns colder.  His chosen agencies who help the homeless include Crack and Cider – a charity that provides thermals and other clothing for the homeless at a low price. This means that we can all make a difference to what can otherwise seem like an impossible problem.

Here are Jamie’s links:

Presentations – with Andy Whyte

It was great to welcome Andy Taylor-Whyte of The Inspiration Bureau as one of our newest members.  Andy, clearly a master of his art, expressed his deep solidarity with Jamie’s message – putting into words what we all felt.

Andy helps to inform and inspire people, including many charities.  Charities tell stories, and Andy acknowledged the power of Victor’s story as told by Jamie.  We also have stories to tell, and that’s what Andy specialises in.

Public Speaking is at near the top of the list of people’s fears (with Death, Brexit, and the A338!)  Andy’s cunning plan was for each of us to take just one cone away as we travelled back!  Together, we can make a difference!

Andy loves working with our unique personalities to bring out our stories.  He helps people narrate and tell their stories effectively.  In fact, he’s launching a new programme called, “The Code,” which is a system to help people put their messaging together.  The taster event is on 11th October, at The Italian Villa, 6pm – where the code will be unveiled!

Present Yourself – with The Boardroom Education

Lex McKee (writing this!) drew attention to the highly empowering work of Professor Richard Wiseman on becoming more ‘Lucky’.  Spoiler alert – Professor Wiseman doesn’t believe in Luck – he believes you create your own luckiness through simple strategies like increasing the size of your network.  Your lucky future is not a matter of luck!

LinkedIn offers our members the equivalent of an additional FREE website – already optimised for Internet searches (go on, Google yourself!)  That’s pretty lucky for starters, and our luck is just about to get better.  On the 16th October, for a couple of hours – beginning at 9.30am at Hotel du Vin – we’re going host a practical LinkedIn clinic.

The purpose is simple: to get your profile up to World Class so that when people find you on LinkedIn you’ll be proud of what they’ll see.

We’ll be taking a fresh profile picture for you, and giving you the option of recording some video so that your profile will lead the field.  The photography and video work will happen outside of a two-hour session on making your profile as attractive and compelling as possible – so budget a bit of extra time.

As it’s all hands-on, numbers need to be small, so register your interest with Jacqui as soon as possible.

Party On!

OK, 7am in the morning may be a little early to ‘Party’ but Jacqui gave us good cause to celebrate with the news that The Boardroom Network in Bournemouth is 5 years old next month!  Our meeting on the 1st November is an opportunity for us to experience the value of a well-established network with a loyal membership.

Of course, we want to share the joy, so may we encourage you to go all out to invite visitors to our 5th Anniversary Breakfast?  Just imagine the buzz with 50 visitors.  Do you think we can all pull together and pull that off?

Thanks for making the October event so significant, and we look forward to seeing you all again on the 1st November (with Jay back in his rightful place as our Master of Ceremonies!)

Lex McKee

The Boardroom Education