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Becoming Heroes
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Lex McKee
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Becoming Heroes
Find Your Focus Mentoring
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You are most likely to come across my work for members via Jacqui's LinkedIn profile.
I manage the promotion of our events and specifically focus on the keynote speakers via posts through Jacqui's account. Most of the blogs and our YouTube channel content comes down to my love of writing and publishing visually rich emotive media to promote your business.

So what can you buy from me?

Unless you have a BOLD, clear vision and deep pockets, you can't buy video services from me. It's very expensive (c.£3000 per day.) Furthermore, the Radio Shows I've created and continue to host for TBN Members represent an average of £2000 opportunity cost to me per show. Those days are gone, from now on, DIY!

However, you CAN buy a Suite of Breakthrough Sessions one-to-one with me that will get you crystal clear clarity into where you and your business should be going.

1st up is the CONTRIBUTION COMPASS Profile - through which we can discern the best use of your unique gifts and talents. This is normally £750 for the profile and debrief. Once we know the direction you and your business should be heading in, we can be absolutely certain about the support network you need to build.

2nd up is the diagnostic tool known as MOTIVATIONAL MAPPING - allowing us to define the best fuel to keep you energised for the year ahead. This is normally £750 for the profile report and debrief.

3rd up is a one-to-one mentoring session EVERY 90 days to co-create your "MAP TO THE FUTURE" - a dashboard of agreed actions for the next season of success.
Yes, you guessed it, that session is normally £750 too.

If you agree to FIVE sessions:
1) Contribution Compass and debrief
2) Motivational Map diagnostic tool and debrief
3) Initial Map to the Future for the following 90 days
4) Season Two Map to the Future AND a review of Season One!
5) Season Three Map to the Future AND a review of Season Two!!

The Deal is £1500 instead of £3,750. Terms and Conditions Apply.

When you're ready to get focused, get efficient, get effective, and get going, get on the phone and let's do this!

"Lex, I DO have a BOLD, clear vision and pockets as deep as my commitment to my future success... tell me about video."
Sandra Marshall is the perfect example of a TBN Member who wanted to go further.
For Sandi, I produce, publish, and promote her YouTube Channel and Podcast Show: "Wellbeing Weekly."
This takes over one-working day per week, so my capacity is low, but if you want a professional publishing mentor whose work can speak for itself, let's chat.
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