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Lex McKee
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Productivity Coach,Trainer & Mentor
Training and Media
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At The Boardroom Education, my JV with Jacqui Frampton, we specialise in online and 'live' education. My background is in communication training and media production that gets the message across quickly and in an entertaining way - hence "Entertrainment" as the trademarked approach. At TBN, I am mostly known as our blogger, and for my fast video work, ideal for Social Media such as YouTube and Facebook. Delivering your pitch at TBN is an ideal opportunity for me to record some visual assets for you to broadcast via your own Social Media and website.

With my media hat on, I'm your ideal partner if you want to get regular video content out on the web. Fast capture, fast turn-around, and fast results.

If you are at all nervous about being on camera, I can boost your comfort, confidence, and competence in front of the lens - in fact, you'll come to love it.

Whilst there are some details about me, personally, in this profile, the key message is a much bigger one - it's about 'us'.

The key to our future, I believe, is promoting and empowering you and I through The Boardroom Education. In terms of training, whilst I personally specialise in mind mapping, speed reading, touch typing for executives, and communication skills - all delivered using Accelerated Learning, The Boardroom Education will offer a far wider menu to help you boost your company's profitability 10x. That's the goal. A 10x business that works without us!
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