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Iron Dragon Design
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Daniel Moore
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Iron Dragon Design
Graphic Designer
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Iron Dragon Design is a freelance creative studio based in the (sometimes) sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, UK. Founded in early 2016, we offer a fresh option for affordable graphic design content. Whether it is for web or print, business or pleasure, we have solutions to fit all tasks and budgets.

Create, innovate, evolve – our work ethic follows this motto. We create without limit, innovate beyond imagining and allow our ideas to evolve into exciting finished products.

At Iron Dragon Design, our mission is to give you the power to present your brand with pride. We believe that no matter the size of your business, you should have great graphic design that stands out amongst your competitors. We work closely with you at all levels to understand your brand and to visualise it appropriately to give you the greatest chance at success. We love to get our claws into a brand and find out what makes it tick, designing content and identities that cause your target audience to stop in their tracks.
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