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Visual PR
Interactive Branded Online Broadcasts, Igniting Your Engagement!

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Chris Dawes
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Visual PR
Interactive Branded Online Broadcasts, Igniting Your Engagement!
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I am very lucky a professional Motorsports commentator, voice-over artist, and presenter on microphone, camera, and stage who cut my teeth in sales and marketing presentations.

From that, I created 3 companies where I either perform (, give a platform to others to perform (, or training to help them do so (

Visual PR provides interactive branded online broadcasts, which dramatically ignites your interaction with more people than you ever thought was possible!
We connect your PR and marketing efforts with regular and consistent interactive live chat shows or on-location broadcasts to put you in control of how your information is Received and Perceived!

These then result in a wealth of collateral for your marketing and PR efforts and provide a boost to your SEO with searchable video content, as well as bringing the personalities of your organisations, brand, and PR to life.
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01793 915110
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07866 620616