A poetic end to 2016

So we met again at TBN,
In Whitely at the Solent Spa.
The numbers were great as we met up with mates
Who had driven from parts near and far.

Conversation built up like a tsunami
And to keep us in order was Jay.
He stood at the front with his hammer
And maintained the order of play.

Next came the four presentations.
The topics our interests did catch.
Regaled us they did with their enthusiasm and wit
As if slaying the frumious  bandersnatch.

To start with was member Sue Hughes.
Who writes copy and is an editor.
Her first ever speech said “no room at the inn”
And her skill now is a credit to ‘er.

Second up was barrister Carol Davies.
Who performed a strip in reverse.
For us she donned her wig and her gown,
An experience for which we’re none the worse.

Thirdly was Liz and her candles,
Decorative, aromatic and bright.
She explained some of their therapeutic properties,
Four candles and not a Ronnie in sight.

Lastly came Ulrike and Barb,
To promote the Sailors charity.
They work to help save gifts for sailors.
I heard a woman say can you save a sailor for me?

It being December and yuletide season,
Ulrike got awarded the champagne.
We wish you good cheer for Christmas and the new year
And look forward to seeing you again.


Words by Michael Birchmore