The Pitch, The Plan, and The Processes


With Spring definitely in the air, our members themselves sprang into action with five great presentations today from Pam, Kim and Mike, Tom, Marc, and Neville. That’s a lot of value action packed into one meeting!

Pam Bates pitched in with the power of the one-minute pitch… and the value of videoing that pitch. Rachel echoed Pam’s sentiments with her own observation that it was only by seeing herself presenting that she realised she rocked! Rachel, you rock! (As does Chilworth Manor… ‘nuff said?) Pam consistently models the power of positive energy that engages our audience when we pitch to the table, and also to the room. It’s time to get out the camera phone and pucker up! But will we take the challenge?

Kim and Mike Withey walked us through the truth of what Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put: “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” Importantly, we can preclude all manner of misery if, and only if, we do our estate planning ahead. With the right strategy, we can empower our partners and families to cope well with the possible changes the future holds, instead of adding unnecessary layers of complexity and suffering to what can be difficult times. Proper planning, on the other hand, prevents poverty and pain. Chat to Kim and Mike if you’d like to clarify your own plans for the future.

Tom Hadley offered the unusual gift from Google of free analytics: Google Search Console. Online marketing is not a guessing game – it’s a process. If we know where to look, what to do, and what to set up, we can tailor our websites and analytics to know without doubt what works, and what needs to change. Tom modelled one of the aspects of TBN that we value the most – each member’s commitment to helping other members head in the right direction for outstanding results. Specifically, Tom said we could ask him for help, and he meant it. Let’s take him up on it.

Marc Smith delighted us with more metrics, once again demonstrating the power of measuring the right process. Not only are his companies hot-hitters when it comes to customer ratings, he also has designed, built and manufactured technology that helps businesses like ours track the performance of our building’s systems. Like Tom, this means that accurate measurement (and thus improved performance) is a question of knowing what technology to adopt and what action to take. If you want to avoid costs, stress, and systems breakdowns, have a chat with Marc to discover more of what his companies can do to make your life easier.

Neville brought us back full circle to Pam’s points about pitching… except he pitched for others. It was a delight to hear him speak well of other TBN members, and thus of TBN itself. The climax of Neville’s delivery was a cheerful challenge to go Go-Kart Racing for a great cause – one of his chosen charities. Keep March 20th free in your diary if you’re keen to support, and reach out to Neville to find out more. It seems making a difference and having fun are completely compatible!

There are clear actions for all of us. Firstly, let’s record our pitch and watch it back. Let’s iron out any strange habits, and inject more passion into our message. Secondly, let’s review our estate planning including our wills, trusts, and power of attorney. Thirdly, let’s get to grips with Google Search Console. Fourthly, let’s take a leaf out of Marc’s book and get some metrics that help us measure how close we are to our own KPIs. Fifthly, let’s not be shy about shouting one another’s praise. This is a community where we get to know, like, and trust one another – and sometimes good things need to be said!

(Of course, if you’d like to say good things about TBN, its members, and good causes, there’s usually a guy with a video camera at hand to capture those magic words!)

Lex McKee – Entertrainer