Peace Productivity and the Power of Proactivity

Peace, Productivity, and the Power of Proactivity

A packed room at Chilworth Manor was treated to three practically useful presentations from members of TBN Hampshire.  First up was the inspirational Deborah Baxter from “The Spirit Within.”  Next, Craig Nixon from “Tekkers IT Solutions” highlighted the latent potential lurking in our IT – using Microsoft 365 as a relevant example for so many of us.  Finally, Kaush Patel from “Your Lead Machine” exhorted us to pick up the phone and really connect with potential customers – instead of hiding behind email.

Peace is Possible

Here at TBN, we love Deborah’s tagline:

“If you never go within – you go without.”

Grounding her excellent presentation in how she is well able to help people with seriously life-limiting traumas overcome these, Deborah then showed all of us three ways to improve our inner strength.

Deborah’s specialism is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – which can be a one-off event from something like a life-threatening trauma.  Gulf veterans can have complex PTSD – given the repeated nature of the traumas they have faced.  Deborah also works with sexual trauma.  The main call to action is to realise that PTSD can be fixed.

PTSD is like a wound that’s being covered by a sticky-plaster.  Those who suffer from PTSD will often lift up the plaster and explore then put the plaster back on put on a fresh one.  The thought of getting rid of the injury often seems impossible.  Deborah helps her clients rip off that sticky-plaster and dig out all the poison from the wound.  Transformational change is possible.

Three Exercises to Help in Everyday Life

Firstly, breathing for 7-11.  Breath in for 7 and out for 11.  This counters the tendency to move into shallow-breathing when we are under pressure.  Exhale more than you breathe in.  You can do this in any location.

Secondly, the power of the Solar Plexus point in Reflexology.  We carry our stress in our body.  For example stomach churn and butterflies in our tummy when worried.  One way to relieve this is to press our thumb into the middle of our palm.  Deborah mentioned you can even do this when presenting!

Thirdly, we unleashed our inner superhero by clenching our fists, placing them on our hips, and then lifting our heads up.  This was very popular and was very well received.

Call to action: you and I don’t have to suffer any more. Nor do we have to accept stress as something we are stuck with.  Deborah can help.

Productivity is all Part of the Package

Craig Nixon was highly entertaining!  Tekkers IT Solutions are experts in Microsoft 365, and Craig was forthright in suggesting that few of us are getting the value we could be from our subscriptions to Microsoft.  This is where good IT support can be one of the greatest assets for boosting productivity.  instead of a cost, we should be seeing professional IT support as an investment in the profitability of our organisations.  Tekkers IT Solutions isn’t just good support – it’s award-winning support – as you’ll see from their website.

Microsoft Bookings

Practically, then, the productivity app that Craig flagged up as being included with any Microsoft 365 subscription, is Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft uses the keywords of flexibility, convenience, and control to describe this app.  Its purpose is to make our lives easier (via automation) with a view to delighting our customers.  Your booking page, accessible whenever the customers want, allows them to book the service they want at the available time they desire.  The system is backed up by email confirmation and even a calendar invitation.  Cancelling or rescheduling is also easy to achieve.

I don’t know about you, but this got me digging into the other resources available as part of the monthly subscription.

The Power of Being Proactive

Kaush Patel gave one of the clearest calls to action I’ve ever heard at TBN:

Pick up the phone!

Sharing a case study of one of his clients, Kaush explained how many of us can hide behind the safety and anonymity of email.  When this low-energy form of communication doesn’t work, many people take the supposed lack of success as rejection and give up – or, even worse, send follow-up emails.

Kaush shared the results that picking up the phone can achieve when seeking to bypass the gate-keepers and reach the real decision-makers.

Will we answer his challenge?

Will we be proactive, pick up the phone, and make that more energetic connection.

Fortune favours the bold!


Big thanks to Jacqui Frampton for driving so many visitors to the room – the place was buzzing.

Also thanks to Jay Rachet for keeping us on track, on time, and well fed.

And our shout out to Justin Wharmby for consistently excellent photographs.