Outside Influence

On Midsummer’s Morning Members and Visitors of The Boardroom Network, Hampshire, gathered together at Chilworth Manor.  There was no dancing but there were exchanges of clothing and something unusual was clearly occurring… though nothing to do with the Solstice!

Keynotes from Michael Birchmore and Chris Rees encouraged us to explore the great outdoors, whilst a brief promotion from Sam Sharma offered us a free route to find the time to do this.  Chris Palmer also shared details of an important event on beating CyberCrime so that you and I won’t lose time because of felons.

Location, Location, Location

Marketing experts and Estate Agents have been chanting the mantra of, “Location, Location, Location,” for years realising the value of ‘where’ alongside the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.  Where we engage in activities and with whom changes everything – so let’s find out the different ‘who’ and ‘where’ from Michael, Chris, and Sam.


Shinrin-Yoku or ‘Forest Bathing’

Michael Birchmore segued from his normal TBN hat (Fabshab – Interior Design) to another key passion – ecology.

Michael’s ‘where’ was to encouraged us to ‘go outside’ – specifically outside amongst the trees to begin to tap into the health and wellbeing benefits of Shinrin-Yoku.  ‘Forest Bathing’ – as we would translate the phrase – is gathering momentum in Japan and South Korea where an increasing body of research has demonstrated its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure, lowering stress, reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, and improving concentration, clarity, and focus.

In fact, just being able to see trees has a demonstrably positive effect on patient recovery, with less complications!

Fifteen minutes in the woods is enough to produce tangible results.  But what if we can’t get to the forest on a certain day?  Michael’s answer is to imagine being in the forest through guided meditation.

To demonstrate, we looked at the expansive green landscape shared above here.  Then we closed out eyes and imagined walking through the forest, as we were guided by Michael, noticing what our senses were becoming aware of.  This mental rehearsal was very pleasant and acted as an introduction and invitation to Michael’s forthcoming workshop.

The workshop – a virtual walk through the countryside in the mind – is only £10 and it will help you develop what Michael calls the “Gaia Mind,” enabling you to get, “in tune with Nature.”  If you didn’t pick up a leaflet, ask Michael directly about his July event, in Sussex.  Michael is also available to come to your business or home for you to experience the same guided meditation at your convenience.

For Michael, then, the ‘where’ is outside in the forest – both in our mind’s imagination and in Nature – and the ‘who’ is just you.  For Shinrin-Yoku to work, we really have to be present in the moment, so when you do try it, try it in silence if you are with friends.  I liked the idea so much, I stopped off in The New Forest on the way back and began the practice immediately – to the great interest of three Fallow Deer watching me!

Have you tried it yet?  (And for the curious, I liked it that much, I got vlogging and podcasting on the topic!  Interesting to see a LinkedIn blog on the same topic this weekend from Emma-Louise Munro Wilson.  Shinrin is ‘in’!)

Southampton Sailing Week, 2019

Chris Rees took us to another location – out on the water, and this time as a team.  In an entertaining piece of dramatic and hilarious group-participation, several of our members joined Chris at the front and got kitted up for sailing.  This was to highlight the group experience opportunity available to both EBW and TBN Members at this year’s Southampton Sailing Week.  Kevin Stansfield leapt up to endorse the experience, which had been such a positive one for him and his guests the previous year.

As Chris’ site says, you can choose from 6 competitive cups:

Monday 16th September: City and Financial Cup 

Tuesday 17th September: Women’s and Technology Cup 

Wednesday 18th September: Property and Legal Cup 

If you want to go outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself, have an unforgettable group experience, and then finish it all off with Prosecco, G&T, or Beer, the time to start planning your involvement is now.  It is important to add that you do not need any previous experience of sailing.  You will be looked after by professional.  The goal, aside from having a great time, is to encourage more people to get out on the water.  You’ll be delighted with the positive effect it will have on you.


How to Prevent Cyber-Crime – Cyber Security Awareness

Chris Palmer and his company are hosting a Cyber Security Awareness event at the Dudsbury Golf Club, on 11th July at 9am.

As Chris said, you wouldn’t wire or rewire your house, and yet we leave our most valuable data in our own inexpert hands.  We should re-evaluate how seriously we take our own security.


The Ticket cost of £25 includes Seminar, a fine Buffet Brunch and Networking in a relaxed atmosphere.
Any surplus after sustenance, venue and PA equipment will be donated to the Bournemouth Food Bank.




How to Get More Done in Less Time

Sam Sharma is one of our business coaches specialising in improving performance.  One of the keys to maximising our performance is learning to make the most of our time.  To get us jump-started, Sam is running three FREE taster programmes after forthcoming TBN events.  This will thus make it a simple matter to book an extra hour in our diary so that we can learn how to get even more available time in our diaries.

“Procrastinate Now!” is the motto of The World Procrastination Society, but don’t join them!  Take action and follow one of the booking links to seize this golden opportunity to learn with Sam.

1. TBN Solent-19th July
2. TBN Solstice – 25th July
3. TBN Dorset- 1st Aug
Sam says, “This is the best hour you’ll spend all year!”