Metrics, Marketing, and Media Means Business

My, what a tight ship Jay Rachet ran today!  In at 7, out at 9, delivered with panache!

Fabulous round-table discussions were augmented by presentations from Denise Ward, Marc Smith, Jacqui Frampton, Bertie Coy, Sam Dyer, and Lex McKee.

Financial Visibility

Denise Ward – the SME Financial Controller.

Denise explained exactly what a ‘Financial Controller’ does.  Denise helps businesses take control of their finances.  Their bookkeeper may be at the peak of their capacity, and additional help is required to improve performance.  The process begins with an assessment and then moves into recommendations as to how to improve your performance so that you have financial visibility.  This is more than the number-crunching.  For example, an aspect of Denise’s work is training and recruitment – it’s whole-business development founded on the bottom-line.

Denise runs a free business finance club on the second Tuesday of every month.  It is held at The Greenhouse (, and is aimed at business owners and finance directors.  The event is about networking, collaboration, and support.  You can see Denise’s website and Eventbrite for more details.  Topics vary.  For example, on 15thMay, the topic is ‘Insurance’ – with the assertion that many businesses are paying for insurance that they don’t need.  In June, the meeting will be about business-modelling – more of a workshop.

Marketing by Metrics

Marc Smith – Solved FM Ltd

In Marketing and Ethical Business terms, there’s so much to learn from Marc Smith.  Firstly, he uses multiple senses to help us ‘make sense’ of what he does. Specifically, the visual handouts and the ‘ruler’ were great examples of something we could see, and something we could touch – making his message tangible.  He used banners placed around the room to reinforce his brand too – very inspiring, and brilliant for peripheral reinforcement.

Marc also uses stories – placing the development of his business from its roots in his Father-in-Law’s heating services business.  When his Father-in-Law retired, Marc and his wife took over, and refreshed the brand, transforming it into GHS – which stands for “Great Honest Service.”  These are Marc’s values – values which are instilled into all his team and new hires.

More than this, Marc uses Key Performance Indicators to build Social Proof.  KPIs are highly valuable ways to assess the impact of any business.  As he said,

“Has anybody here ever hired a plumber, heating engineer, or electrician who consistently delivers?”

Marc’s company’s independently verified KPI is 89.6% – that is from call-out to turning up on time, from quoting to first fix.  Reputation is everything to Marc and his team.  Integrity is also key.  He shared how he saved a client £4000 on a quote, and another commercial client a similar sum.  Clearly, it’s not about maximising revenue for Marc, but exchanging outstanding, measurable value for a fair return.

Marc’s offer to TBN members was one that builds trust.  He doesn’t expect work without trust being established first, so he offered a free support call if any of us have questions about a quote we have from any supplier.

Marc went on to share his understandable enthusiasm for their own technology that ensures you only invest in interventions that are quantifiably necessary.  GHS make their own PC boards to monitor equipment such as Air Conditioning (for terrifying requirements such as protection from Legionnaire’s Disease!)  With this system, you are not going to be conned (not even Air Conned) into taking action that is not required.

To finish, Marc asked for AC referrals after a large Ringwood-based company has shifted their market from Commercial to Supermarkets.  This could be an enormous opportunity for Marc and he’d like our support in spotting those leads.

Making the Most of Marketing Opportunities

Sam Dyer – Raven Dragon

Bertie Coy – Smash Your Market

Jacqui Frampton – Owner and Operator of The Boardroom Network Business Club

Jacqui, Bertie, and Sam then took the stage to emphasise the exciting moves forward our network is about to make. With the launch of Solstice and our own educational events, we’re confident that 2018 will be our best year yet.

Jacqui invited us all to be in at the beginning of the Solstice meeting – an event not to be missed – especially with keynote speaker, Simon Weston (Falklands Veteran, Author, and Charity Campaigner)

The link to book is open now:

Jacqui and Bertie then let Sam lead the next announcement…

I love Sam’s style. He’s funny, and he knows NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  This means that you should never look him in the eye… he might hypnotise you!  No, seriously, you can!

Sam highlighted the exciting move next month to AFC Bournemouth, where we will be hosting the Bournemouth TBN Breakfast for the Business Expo.  There are still opportunities to have your own stand at this event – and we get a discount!

Marketing and Finance, Metrics and Networking are all essentials for a healthy business, and I believe our presentations emphasised these this morning as clearly as Sam’s recurring message: don’t come to the Hallmark next month ‘cos we’ll all be at Dean Court!

A Boardroom Education

Lex McKee – Entertrainment Ltd

I finished off the morning with a warm invitation to get some FREE LinkedIn training AND try out your local property investors network meeting, next Tuesday evening, at The Sandbanks Hotel.

As the Host of this local property meeting, I’m lucky enough to have got Andy Gwynn – one of the UK’s most respected LinkedIn Trainers – to come and present.  The meeting fee (£20 plus vat) is paid by our regular members every month, but I’d like you to be able to come to this specific meeting free of charge to you.

If you’ve been curious about the potential of property as an investment opportunity – or about property professionals as potential customers – this is the ideal meeting to attend. Why?  Simply because the focus is on LinkedIn – a subject relevant to all of us, and vital to all professional due-diligence in business.  Where do people look first when they ‘check you out’? Either Google or LinkedIn. Professionals short on time will leap first to LinkedIn.

You, therefore, owe it to yourself to have a LinkedIn profile that you are proud of.  In Andy’s Tuesday night message, he will walk us through the practical essentials that require every serious professional’s attention. You can walk away from this meeting and DIY your profile.

But it gets better. Jacqui and the team believe in Education our members can trust.  That’s why you’ll often see workshops advertised to members.  Now, for the first time, those workshops are coming ‘in-house’ with a TBN sponsored workshop on the morning of Wednesday, 11thApril.  In fact, we’re launching “The Boardroom Education,” with this event.

The venue is luxurious: Hotel du Vin in Poole.

The content is even more delicious: Andy in-depth on LinkedIn.

The outputs are exquisite: I’m going to shoot you…

…specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to have your portrait captured on film (I’ll shoot you digitally) so that you can update your profile picture on LinkedIn.  I’m also going to give you the opportunity to lead the field by gathering a video recommendation of your services from one of your customers (if they attend with you, of course.)  Very few professionals on LinkedIn have made the effort to get video testimonials.  I want you to be top of the class in this respect.

This means that you’ll walk away with a powerfully practical set of action points on how to boost the effectiveness of your use of LinkedIn, AND the resources to Spring Clean your LinkedIn profile.  The workshop is not free, but neither is it expensive.  It’s reduced to £99 plus vat for TBN members and members of the property investors network.  To put that in context, the outputs and consultation 1-to-1 would normally cost in excess of £900 plus vat… The group format means you can get the same benefits for a 10thof the investment.

I don’t know if this is for you or not, but I know Andy’s practical guidance transformed the results I now consistently get on LinkedIn.  I’m sold on his approach.  If you’re ready to book, the link is:


I hope to be able to welcome you to pin Bournemouth on Tuesday night, and shoot you on Wednesday morning!

Thanks for your time and attention, and for making today such a great meeting.



How to get FREE entrance to the Tuesday night event.

  1. Go to
  2. In the large orange bounded box at the bottom, there is a section that says, “Select a Payment Option” – click on [Voucher Code]
  3. Pop in your details and then add this in the Voucher Code field: Lex
  4. Choose [Apply Voucher]
  5. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, you can click on [CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW] et voila!


If you let me personally know you’re coming (, I’ll bring a bonus gift for you.