1. Each member must represent their company or profession within THE BOARDROOM NETWORK. There will no corporate accounts. The member is allowed three substitutes in any membership period.
  2. Should a member fail to attend regularly, THE BOARDROOM NETWORK reserves the right to review and revoke their Membership without any reimbursement of the annual fee. A leave of absence is acceptable in certain circumstances.
  3. The Membership fee of £250 (+ VAT) is payable annually in advance. There will also be meeting fees to cover the cost of breakfast and administration. These are currently £15 (+ VAT ) per month, payable by standing order. It is expected, and a condition of membership, that members will set up a standing order from the start of their membership and make continuing payments as long as their membership remains in force. No refunds will be given unless meetings are cancelled.
  4. Renewal notices will be sent out approximately one month before the annual renewal is due and payment must be received by the renewal date in order for the membership to continue. If payment it is not received within 14 days of the renewal date, membership will cease or late payment charges will accrue.
  5. In the unlikely event of a complaint, please contact Jacqui Frampton directly who will make every effort to resolve the problem. THE BOARDROOM NETWORK reserves the right to judge each case separately and any decision will not be considered a precedent.
  6. THE BOARDROOM NETWORK reserves the right to refuse any membership or renewal to any person as a result of its membership policy.