Mambo Number Five……..?

Cue Lou Bega with his 1999 chart hit?! No, according to Jacqui it was Meeting Number Five – noisier and less rhythmic than Lou Bega but somewhat more productive for our collective businesses. And it was the best yet – so our very own TBN chart-topper.

I’m not sure why I often end up making reference to the noise levels during breakfast; it may indeed be the slightly odd acoustics of the venue but, whatever the reason, I think it’s healthily symbolic of the enthusiasm in the room. Certainly, new visitors on my table were impressed with the dynamics of the entire morning. Incidentally, have you noticed that one table is always louder than the others, and that it’s always hosted by the same person? (Answers on a post card, please…) The hoots of laughter this month drowned out a couple of my more quietly-spoken guests.

Again, we can draw much satisfaction from a turnout of around sixty people; a total that included 23 guests. Credit to Jacqui and her team for driving this. It makes for a very engaging event.

Breakfast was hearty. The plates were warm. A hum of conversation filled the room while we ate. MC Simon Scarborough set us off with our 60-second presentations, which is when the noise levels rose.

First to the podium for a ‘Two Minute Warming’ was Simon Head, of Head and Wheble Funeral Directors.Considering his line of work, Simon is a surprisingly cheerful chap! His is a family business, part of ‘Old Bournemouth’, as he likes to put it. It is, by necessity, a 24/7 operation. Simon deals with communities whose beliefs require the departed to be buried the same day. Others are less urgent. His one piece of advice to the room: “Write down what funeral arrangements you want before you are unable to do so!”

After our table swap, next to the lectern was Magnus Harding of MEH Construction Management Ltd. Magnus builds things. Rather than selling us his renowned portfolio of capabilities in construction and landscaping, Magnus used his slot to explain just how much effort is required to produce an accurate quote for building work. I think it was a plaintive plea for understanding from those of us who increasingly expect everything instantly. A Schedule of Works may typically take him five hours. The construction drawing he displayed takes at least four times that – 20 to 25 hours! We all learnt something.

Warning slot No.3 was mastered by Sam Dyer, a visitor at TBN along with two of his colleagues. Sam and his team originate from Cornwall, just – Saltash on the west bank of the Tamar, opposite Plymouth to be precise. Sam’s company, Smallporate, is putting on a business exhibition at the BIC on 19th June. Much like our very own Boardroom Network, the Intrinity Business Event is designed to help you make connections and secure more business. Sam extended an invitation to all present to participate in the exhibition, either as an exhibitor or visitor – the latter being free – or as a sponsor through promotional packages still available. In addition, he mentioned a pre-show breakfast ‘speed networking’ meeting on the morning of 19th June.

Jacqui closed the proceedings by thanking the assembled masses for turning out early and making meeting number five a resounding success. She offered specific notes of thanks to Adrian Stevenson for his Pay Per Click work, Mark Scott of Technovox for the SMS notification to our mobiles, and Simon Scarborough ofAssured Hospitality for, well, everything really – I noticed him clearing tables at one point! This month’s champagne winner for coercing the most guests to attend went to Stuart Homer of Homer & Pardy Property Solutions.

As a final remark – a kind of teaser, I presume – Jacqui made a very brief reference to a “special venue” for the August meeting. Intriguing!

I made an interesting observation. For an event originally designed to run to a strict agenda and finish at 9.00am to let us head to work, at least two dozen people were still seated at tables engaged in deep conversations at 9.20am. That’s a great indicator, surely?

Until the next event, which is on 1st May at the Hallmark, keep the stories and feedback coming. Thanks. All the best – Steve Chapman of Swordfish, aka TBN Blogmeister.

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