Look Great and Feel Amazing

Ryan David showed us how his services could have our vehicles looking great, Kat Linsley Hood and Jay Rachet assured us we could feel amazing, and Dr Hannah Beard gave us 5 very easy ways to make that outcome certain!

With nearly 100 members and visitors in the room at the Dudsbury Golf Club, the energy and enthusiasm were measurable, tangible, and memorable.

Of course, having three excellent keynote presentations only added to the impact of the event.

In Brief

First up we had our own Jay Rachet with Kat Linsley Hood encouraging us to “Feel Amazing.”  Then we had Ryan David who took us on a fascinating journey from multi-national marketing expert to his passion for vehicle excellence.  Finally, Dr Hannah Beard shared not only part of her own health-journey but also “5 Top Tips for Nourishing your Body with a Busy Lifestyle.”

Feel Amazing

Jay Rachet (the face and voice of The Boardroom Network) has teamed up with Kat Linsley Hood (above) to help us all “Feel Amazing!”  On Sunday, 29th September at the Solent Hall of the BIC, there will be the “Feel Amazing!” exhibition that we can all attend and get involved with.  With so many coaches amongst our members, this is an opportunity to reach a wide audience, and Kat gave us the statistics on how many people need a touch of coaching, counselling, supportive magic.

1 in 4 of us will face mental health challenges in the next twelve months – 23 of us in this room, 2 and one-half tables!

1 in 6 is the number of people in an organisation who will face work-related stress this week!

In context, that equates to 55,000 employees in Dorset alone!

And 8-10 employers in the UK say they don’t know about any mental health issues in the workplace because it’s never been reported!  “These people are struggling… …and they’re not telling anybody.”

6-10 organisations also have no policies in place to help if something was raised – so to whom would you go?

Those of us who work alone are in danger of having no-one to talk to… a surprise benefit of The Boardroom Network for those of us who have grown to know, to like, and trust one another.  Perhaps the person you could support, or the professional friend who could support you, is sitting next to you in one of our meetings.  This put me in mind of Deborah Baxter’s presentation at Chilworth.  Worth chilling out with Deborah if you’re facing your own dark night of the soul.

The Cost

In Dorset, the impact of poor Mental Health on productivity costs business just over £500 million per annum.  That’s £1250 to £1500 per employee per year.  Some industries are even more expensive – rising to £2000 per employee per year.

The Cure

Perhaps “The Cure” is too strong a sub-title, but there are things we can do.  Primarily, this means taking action and getting involved with programmes and initiatives like “Feel Amazing!”  Organisations can put programmes and support in place and reduce that cost easily by 30%.

If you want immediate support, check out www.moodscope.com – a free resource that helps you track your mental health.  I’ve been writing for Moodscope’s Monday blog for many years now because we all need a spark to start our day – especially Monday!

Jay and Kat have launched the Mental Health Directory – so that you can find the support you need when you need it where you need it.  If you have a solution or a service that can support, you can explore getting in the Directory, and exhibit at the Solent Hall.  Let’s get sharing on Social Media and tune in to the “Feel Amazing Podcast.”

“It’s OK to not be OK; It’s OK to want to be OK; and it’s definitely OK to want to be more than just OK.”

RPM Valeting & Detailing

I delight to meet a man or woman with an eye for detail.  Ryan’s life-long passion for vehicles was clear throughout his presentation – and I especially liked the referencing to the rally-driving he did.  However, there was a theme that emerged that’s also reflected in his company identity – detailing.

As a marketing professional at a multi-national level, Ryan, had to deliver detail on demand, but that same passion for excellence is reflected (and trust me, it is ‘reflected’ – I’ve seen his mirror-quality sheen on his finished work), in his work on vehicle valeting and detailing.

It was encouraging that his new direction is a planned response to his desire to work more locally and be near his family – a lifestyle choice.  He demonstrates clearly that a lifestyle choice is not a compromise – it’s a fresh initiative which means that local businesses can benefit from a mindset of excellence that has a track-record on the international stage.

Ryan’s Special Offer for TBN Members in July

During July only: 20% off a full valet or a protection detail, including any extras

During July only: 10% off ceramic coatings.

Any queries please let Ryan know.

5 Top Tips for Nourishing your Body with a Busy Lifestyle

Dr Hannah Beard too us on her journey charting her interest in the Chiropractic approach… however that interest blossomed into a complete system of wellness expressed well in the “Pure-Wellness” brand.

Hannah’s 5 top tips for nourishing our bodies – even in the midst of a busy lifestyle are:

  • Morning Routine (no, not two packets of fags and a bacon sarnie)
  • Drink more… water
  • Use a lacrosse ball daily (and not to throw at a colleague as ‘feedback’)… for massage
  • You got to move it move it move, but use the K.I.S.S. principle
  • Plan and prep proper meals

A visit to the Pure-Wellness Centre is recommended by our members who have been there.

Hannah’s Special Offer for TBN Members this Summer

Hannah has given us a 75% discount offer if we quote ‘TBN’ when booking a Wellness Score assessment.

As for me, I was fascinated by the Ulla.  It’s not a Martian warcry from, “War of the Worlds,” but a piece of productivity technology to remind you to take action!  Ulla!

[And the sight and sound of 100 professional businesspeople jumping up and down to release more serotonin – the happiness chemical – will be an experience that will make me smile every time I remember it!  Jump!]

Special Member Events over the next few weeks

Breaking the CODE

We also had a foretaste of special events for members from Andy Taylor-Whyte and Sam Sharma.

Andy, of The Inspiration Bureau, is an expert in speaking in public – but also in fundraising.  This means that when it comes to making your pitch where getting a ‘yes’ is essential for the future of your business, Andy is one of our most experienced members.

The Opportunity

Andy asked us, “Do we need to speak in public?” If so, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that are good to learn.  If this sounds like it is for you, Andy’s running a programme at Hotel du Vin, Poole, on Tuesday, 9thJuly, entitled, “Presentation Skills – Breaking the CODE.”

As his flyer says, “Join Andy Taylor-Whyte for a day of inspirational CODE breaking, do’s and don’ts – to help you create impactful pitches and proposals, plus greater confidence in public speaking and networking.”  The tickets begin at £150 and are available from www.theinspirationbureau.co.uk

How to GET more done in less time & CREATE a mindset of excellence

Sam Sharma, like Andy, is one of our respected business coaches.  Sam and I share a passion for Time Management and Mindset coaching, so I’m excited that Sam is going to be sharing a FREE session at all three locations and will be most definitely be training us from a unique perspective.

Sam’s dates are…


TBN Dudsbury Golf Club – August 2019

Thursday 1st August 2019

9:30 am – 10:30 am



TBN Chilworth Manor – July 2019

Friday 19th July 2019

9:30 am – 10:30 am



TBN The Stones Hotel – July 2019

Thursday 25th July 2019

9:30 am – 10:30 am

Access to the Slide Decks

If you’d like to review the slides from all three keynote presentations, here are your links:



Remember to take our members up on their most generous offers!
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