Like, Tag, Comment, Share, and Invite

Key point: if you want to enjoy the benefits of massive, organic growth in your network, people need to ‘share’ your posts.


We are all told that Social Media is important and that having high numbers of connections and followers is essential in this Digital Age.  Is this true?  What’s the best way to grow our online network and your network online?


People like us like us!

Pressing ‘like’ is similar to the etiquette of good manners.  It’s saying your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in a way that makes the recipient feel good!  Its psychological impact is positive, and it also gives companies like Facebook a fighting chance at knowing what else might interest you.  I am grateful for every ‘like’ I get, and I love to give them too.  Let’s spread the love!


What’s the impact?  It seems the impact, beyond the psychological ‘feel good factor’, is minimal.  Facebook changes the rules from week-to-week, but currently clicking on ‘like’ will be notified on your page – in a lower left-hand position where few people are likely to notice.  In short, clicking on ‘like’ is nice, and it is good manners, but there are more powerful actions you can take.  I want us all to be empowered to make a difference, so let’s ramp up our game.


Let’s play ‘tag’!

Tagging yourself and your contacts is pretty cool.  It’s almost like a game of tag – it engages more people in the play.  Each tag is a flag that will connect your action to the tagged person’s timeline (depending on their own settings).  I would suggest that tagging in pictures and videos is a ‘must do’ – and it’s fun too.


Care to comment?

What about comments?  Comments have the potential to act as endorsements (if they are nice comments!)  Currently, in Facebook, any comments added seem to bring new prominence to the post to which they are attached.  With my settings, any post with a new comment comes back to the top of my stream.  Every comment keeps each post fresh – extending the lifetime of that post.


Share the love!

The coveted prize, however, is the ‘share’.  Sharing a post, and adding a comment to your share, opens that post to your own network (or the portion of your network that companies like Facebook seem fit to share it with.)  This is what we really need from one another if we are to see massive organic growth.  LinkedIn is similar too – the moment you share, that post becomes more visible to your own network.


This, therefore, is my call to action!  Yes, please ‘like’ the posts you like! Please, please tag yourself and your friends in picture and video posts.  Please, please, please comment on posts that are meaningful to you.  But above all, please, please, please, pretty please ‘share’ those posts and add a comment too.  When you do this, the magic of network growth happens!


A special word to members of The Boardroom Network

At TBN, we can go even further.  Not only can we broadcast the benefits of the network, we can invite friends and colleagues to taste those self-same benefits.  Literally, this means a tasty breakfast, and metaphorically this means having the same opportunity we members have to share our business benefits with up to 18 other business people around the tables.


At the moment, Jacqui does the vast majority of invitations, though I know that some of us are very active at regularly introducing our own connections to Jacqui.  I’d like to encourage all of us to increase this activity.  If you’ve got a business connection who would benefit from TBN, just ask them if it’s OK to share their name, email address, and telephone number with Jacqui.  When they say, “Yes!” – forward those on to Jacqui and she’ll make the magic happen.  Just imagine the power of 100 of us inviting just one new connection per month!


Come on!  Let’s dare to share… and delight to invite!

Lex McKee – Entertrainer