Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

It’s Jay Rachet MC with his gavel!

There wasn’t a spare seat in the house, not even for Jacqui, at the TBN Bournemouth meeting this month! We welcomed 90 guests including 28 visitors, who were adorned with our new system of coloured lanyards. This is an ideal way for members to identify newcomers –  red for visitors and blue for members. so they can extend the usual warm welcome and talk about the benefits of our style of networking.

We ask members to register that they will be coming to a meeting and there is a very good reason why. This is so that Jacqui can plan the table seating effectively to ensure the best possible experience for everyone attending. You will be placed on a table that will be of maximum benefit to you business-wise and you won’t be with someone in the same industry. That’s the TBN difference!


This month:

The ever popular Jay Rachet MC opened up our meeting with an announcement of his own and meetings will never be the same again. Thanks to Palm Print, he has been given his very own gavel, which he will be using with great authority to keep future meetings in order! They even wrote a poem for him (see main image)


Darren Coates from Wessex Fleet had an entertaining way to inform us about the cost of leasing a car for business by using Jay as Dolly Dealer in a game of Play Your Cards Right! By using giant playing cards with the picture of a vehicle and a cost, we were asked to guess whether the true cost was higher or lower than the amount on the card. Darren effectively demonstrated that it cost a lot less than most people imagined.


Liz Williams from Orchid Therapies is known to members as complementary and beauty therapist but she has added a new dimension to her business. She asked how many of us knew exactly what ingredients are in the candles we use?  A lot that we burn at home have been proved to be carcinogenic and toxic. With this in mind, Liz has created her own range of toxin-free and natural candles using her skills as a trained aromatherapist using essential oils. One of her candles takes 10 hours to make and another called ‘Love’ includes a rose quartz crystal which is revealed once the candle has burnt – ideal for Valentine’s Day!


How many of us business owners know what would happen to our finances if the worst happened and we couldn’t work for a year? Lee Thomas from Portmore Insurance outlined the kind of financial outlay we take for granted using a domino effect example to illustrate the devastating impact that long-term illness or incapacity can have on our ability to pay our bills. Lee advises on how we can protect ourselves to cover the worst case scenario.


Our final speaker, Sophie Personne, took the brave step of asking the audience if anyone understood women! Sophie supports people with relationship issues from individuals in their own partnerships, parents trying to understand their children or anyone wanting to discover solutions to the problems they experience with others and themselves. She is the author of the book ‘Your Other Half – the Guide to Better Relationships with Other and Yourself’ which is available from Amazon at


Jay rounded off the meeting by welcoming new members and reminding everyone that as members they are able to extend their network into Hampshire by attending the next Solent meeting at the Solent Hotel and Spa, Fareham on Friday 17th February.

The next Bournemouth meeting is on Thursday 2nd March from 7.00am-9.00am, at The Italian Villa.

Following the meeting, Simon Rigby from Action Coach hosted a well attended and successful free workshop called ‘“How To Make Your Business Work So That You Don’t Have To.” 


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