It Is About Time

To say our Breakfast meeting at the Solent Hotel and Spa was ‘time well spent’ can be clearly seen from this great moment captured by Justin Wharmby, our Photographer-in-Residence.  There were so many photos from today’s shoot that show faces full of joy… and that at about 8 am on a Friday morning!  Something must be working!

Seriously, face-to-face networking is far more energising than Social Media or email, text, or even phone-based social contact.  When deciding on who we would enjoy doing business with, laughing over breakfast together is a leap in the right direction.

‘Time’ was a common theme today with our four presentations.  Clare Yates, The Fairy Time Mother, shared the drastic difference in the perception of time in Madagascar and England.  Mark Cooper showed the negotiating power of being able to think on your feet when under time pressure.  Pamela Bates unveiled more of the upcoming event, “Women Mean Business & A Few Good Men,” many of whom were in the room… still time to get involved!  I shared the impact and power of timely follow-up from any networking.

We had 27 visitors booked, and it was equally clear that they were all made very welcome – so, our thanks to all of you who demonstrated the importance of connection and support.

The Fairy Time Mother

Clare Yates, on returning from her holiday in Madagascar, has brought a refreshing reframing of our Western obsession with ‘time’.  In Madagascar with no phone signal, no internet, and no newspaper, Clare was able to unplug, to unwind, and to understand the importance of focused time.  It’s not about being busy – it’s all about being productive.

Clare’s company usually frees up 30 minutes per day for each of their customers, which adds up to a wonderful opportunity to spend time doing more of what we’d rather do.  Just imagine the cumulative impact of 30 minutes freed up each and every day.

Reach out to Clare if you’d like to reclaim 30 minutes of your time each day!

You can catch Clare’s presentation on our own YouTube channel here:


Next up… Mark Cooper

Thinking On Your Feet Saves The Day

Mark Cooper, from award-winning brokers, Konsileo, took us an adventure to Angola.  We now know more of what it is like to have a taste of paradise challenged by ways of doing business that would tax even the most experienced of negotiators.  I think it would be fair to say that the dilemmas Mark shared had us on the edge of our seats.

Being able to think clearly on your feet – especially when under pressure – is one of the most highly valued professional skills.  It makes a phenomenal impression – as it did in this case with Mark’s two most important clients.

Mark also demonstrated that when you have nothing left, the best thing to do is negotiate!

The message was that Mark now brings that same passion to negotiate the best deal into his own brokerage, getting the best deal for his UK customers.

Reach out to Mark if you want to engage with an insurance broker who will negotiate the best deal for you, no matter how tough the situation!

You can watch Mark’s video on YouTube:


Next up… Pamela Bates

Women Mean Business & A Few Good Men

Pamela Bates and Jenny Todd continue to be a vital part of what makes The Boardroom Network so supportive and welcoming.  Passionate about the primacy of networking in moving our businesses forward, Pam encouraged us to become involved with a glamorous networking event that promises to offer insights into how to become ever more successful in business.  From a two course luncheon through to afternoon tea, the event, on October 11th, features a red carpet theme encompassing interviews with special guests, chosen for their power to inspire.  Our own Jay Rachet is the host.

Reach out to Pam if you’d like to book or discover more.

Here’s Pam on camera, working her magic.


Finally, Lex McKee on Memory…

Fortune Favours Those Who Follow Up First, Fast, and Frequently

I had the privilege of closing our presentations with some sobering and stunning research from Hermann Ebbinghaus.  Hermann, one of the first memory researchers, discovered a ‘curve of forgetting’.  His curve suggests that we can lose as much as 80% of what we pay attention to, if we don’t follow up within 24 hours!

Losing 80% of what we pay attention to means that 80p in every £1 a business invests in meetings is potentially lost if we don’t discover Hermann’s secret…

That’s the end of the bad news, however!  The good news is that if we take action to connect with people after an event, we will stay ‘in sight, in mind,’ rather than ‘out of sight, out of mind’… in fact, we can easily make a positive, lasting impression.  When we follow up fast and first, we can make every investment count.

Here’s Hermann’s Secret… There is a key rhythm to follow up.

  • Connect within the first five minute to an hour after the event – when the memory impression is at its peak
  • Follow up within the next 24 hours
  • Again within a week
  • Reconnect after a month
  • And touch base each season (3 months).

Now, this could become really annoying!  We’re not talking about stalking here!  What we’re talking about is adding value to your network contacts at each of these touch-points.  It’s about sharing something they want to hear.

This approach is just 1 of 100 networking tips due to be published in our first book from The Boardroom Education: “100% Improved Networking.”  If you’d like to know more, reach out to Lex!

Back of House and Front of House

Sharing news of Jacqui Frampton’s accident demonstrated the depth of support all members can expect from one another once we really get to know one another.  It was my pleasure to convey your heartfelt wishes for a quick recovery back to Jacqui at HQ.  I’d like to say, “Thank You!” from all of us to Jacqui for orchestrating another successful event even though not feeling well enough herself to join us.  Thanks also go to a team that made it happen: Heather Enticott stepping in on registration, Jay Rachet as our consistent host, Justin Wharmby delivering delightful and memorable moments through his photographs, all our table ambassadors for chairing each table and making all so welcome, and to all of you for pouring enthusiasm into an event so early in the day.

It’s all about time well spent, in the end, and I think we delivered just that today!

Thank you all.