Holidays behind us so it’s business as usual at TBN

There was a distinct feeling that it was time to get back to business at this month’s TBN event. Schools were pretty much back, most of us had enjoyed or endured our summer holiday, and while the fine weather continued to delight on Thursday, there was an autumnal nip at 6am. At least we had returned to our normal room this month, with windows that let in the sunlight to lift our early-morning spirits.

The promise of 76 people booked to attend, of whom 26 were visitors, was perhaps also testament to the renewed focus on getting feet back under the desk. That said, some people’s holidays continued, so Jacqui’s thanks are extended to Neil Armstrong and Jason Routley for stepping in as Table Ambassadors.

As usual, the catering logistics operation was masterminded by Simon Scarborough, with a full English dished up without incident. From my perspective, it was also good to see the return of baked beans.

After the first round of table chats and 60-second presentations, Nicky Matthews of Media Box took to the rostrum for the first Two Minute Warming. Nicky talked about new business challenges from technology and the explosion of marketing opportunities that add to our time constraints and make it hard to be “remarkable”. Instead, she wisely encouraged us to celebrate smallness. Agile and nimble are characteristics of many businesses and entrepreneurs that can give a competitive edge. With a customer-centric business process, Nicky advocates striving to become not the biggest but the “most recommended”. And this is where Media Box can help with a portfolio of skills and resources, and the ability to act as an outsourced marketing department – an optimum solution for small and medium sized business.

Next up to the lectern after our table swap was the slightly jaded figure of Ian Siddall, lamenting a bout of food poisoning from his escapades the night before. Despite his ailment, Ian was in good form and complained that The Boardroom Network had become a stronger and more recognised brand than his own business, The Boardroom. It’s surely a case of being careful what you wish for?!

In an attempt to make amends for the imbalance, Ian talked of the positive outcomes from his peer Boardroom initiatives that put like-minded business people together once a month to discuss and resolve difficulties and opportunities. Ian guarantees that your business will improve within six months.

To close his 2 minutes Ian announced that Kevin Sheldrake had joined him as a full-time partner in The Boardroom and welcomed him “on board”.

The final slot at the front was given over to Darren Northeast. Darren announced, to much approval from the floor, that the charity selected to receive a package of business and financial support from TBN is BHCA. Next month, Lorna Trent from BHCA will be at the breakfast to talk about the charity’s endeavours and aims. We look forward to working with them over the next twelve months.

That left Jacqui to wrap up the morning’s proceedings she announced the winner of the champagne for encouraging the majority of the visitors to attend the event. Rather amusingly, it was her in the back office! Instead of keeping the fizz, Jacqui chose to donate it to BHCA to utilise for a raffle prize. A fine gesture.

A timely remainder once again to please click on the link in Jacqui’s pre-event emails to confirm your attendance. It really does help the organising task.

Next month’s Breakfast is on Thursday 2nd October at the Hallmark Hotel.

Please keep the stories and feedback coming. Thanks again. All the best – Steve Chapman of Swordfish, aka TBN Blogmeister.

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