Getting To Know You

If you’re like me, you’ll feel ‘at home’ with The Boardroom Network.  One good reason for that is the opportunity created to get to know one another at each event.  Classy networking is about building relationships rather than providing a pitchfest.  Of course, it’s not about charity or just a jolly – we’re all here to grow our business profitability through growing our network.  My point, however, is that a great network is built via the bridges of great relationships… and to have great relationships, we have to get to know one another.

Our first presenter at TBN Solent’s October meeting was Colin Bielckus – the Outsourced Finance Director.  Colin really helped us get to know the more mischievous side of his personal history!  Richard Mack – RT Promotions – followed with tales of growing a business and how perceptions and assumptions can provide both amusement and insight.  Tracie Sharp – The Gin Diva – opened our eyes to some of the truths about Gin.  Finally, I shared two quick wins to make our networking more memorable.

The Secret Life of The Outsourced Finance Director

I always hoped there was a naughty side to those who have an affinity for accounting, VAT, and financial literacy.  Colin Bielckus did not disappoint when he revealed part of his journey from a schoolboy with bruised knees and torn trousers to an inventive if somewhat disruptive University student.

From his Family History, shrouded in mystery, Colin has emerged as a highly valued member of TBN, in turn removing the mystery from the often confusing world of figure work.  If you want to empower your finances with someone who always has a twinkle in his eye, chat to Colin.

When You’re in Promotions, Promote Yourself!

You may remember the exciting if somewhat nerve-wracking days of beginning in business.  Richard Mack – of RT Promotions – shared how his first order, invoice, and sale came through… networking!  Hard work led Richard’s story on to that giant leap for small businesses – employing the first team members with the prospect of then having a long-weekend as the first holiday in years.

Hilarious misunderstandings around Disney, the BBC, Grand Prix, and FIFA all followed as Richard showed us how we do well not to underestimate the significance of the smallest sale, whilst still holding fast to our big dreams and vision.

Richard’s memorable stories point appropriately to the way his promotional products can help make you more memorable and thus stand out from the crowd.

The Genius of Gin

“Mother’s Ruin”?  A depressant?  “Dutch Courage”?  Tracie Sharp – The Gin Diva – opened our eyes and stirred up our appetite for Gin, glorious Gin!  From the origin of the word “Gin” through to the fact that is it most certainly not a depressant, Tracie encouraged us to get more enthusiastic about this wonderful tonic for life… even if the next wave of fashionable drinking due in from the USA is going to be… Rum!  Will Tracie be a Rum Diva?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, if Tracie survives the 7-hour marathon of Ginfest that she is about to host, we’ll be able to tap into her generous offer of a 50% saving for TBN members who want to drink to her services as The Gin Diva.

Golf at Goodwood

Jamie Williams – from Goodwood – opened up the opportunity for members to experience Goodwood’s courses over the Winter period – not usually available to the public.  If you’d like to know more, please contact Jacqui or Jamie directly on

First and Last Impressions

In our final presentation, I took us through the easy way to get ahead in marketing.  Research into memory highlights that we give a higher weighting to the beginning and endings of any experience.  We tend to remember the ‘firsts’ in life and also the ‘lasts’… like our first kiss and our last kiss!

This means that one of the fastest ways to make a lasting impression is to make an extra effort with the beginning and endings of any interaction.  At TBN, when it comes to our position at the table, if the ambassador is moving systematically clockwise or anticlockwise, choosing the position next to the ambassador will give us an edge.  Can’t wait for the next meeting!

Concluding Thoughts

Good to have Jay Rachet back with us – the Voice and Face of TBN.  Jay reminded us that TBN Bournemouth has its next event on the 1st November… when it will be Bournemouth’s fifth anniversary.  I think that’s something to celebrate, don’t you?

Thanks for a great morning.


The Boardroom Education