Game Set and Match

The image above captures some of the energy we all enjoyed at yesterday’s perfect match with Sam Dyer’s BusinesseXpo now Bournemouth 2018.  The dynamic combination of Jacqui, Jay, Sam and Bertie resulted in an event that is receiving very positive feedback from you – our members.

Whilst all this is for you – we never forget, nor take for granted that it is your support that makes all this possible – so, ‘Thank You!’

New Venue – New Thoughts?

What did you think of the venue and the food?  It was great for Jay to get the logistical support he needs to keep us tight on time (“In at 7; Out at 9!” is always the intent… and the team at Vitality delivered food that I thought was on a par with my favourite Bournemouth venue – The Italian Villa.)  This is, however, my opinion – so I’d love to hear what you think so that we can give Jacqui and Jay, Sam and Bertie the feedback they need to move us continuously in the direction of improvement.  Given that these opinions are mine, you can send your thoughts in all confidence to: – thank you!

“Trust me – you need insurance!”

Our spotlight fell on Matt Price, Sam Sharma, Lynda Daniels, Astrid Davies, yours truly, Jon Beake, and Sam Dyer.  What an awesome line-up.

Matt launched us off with a gentle reminder of the best way to make buying insurance a pleasure rather than a chore = find someone you trust!  Matt’s independence means that there are no hidden agendas.  He’s a real Jerry Maguire (love that movie) in that he turned his back on institutional insurance brokerage so that he could give more time and attention to his key clients.  Less clients means more attention, and better results.  Matt recognises the life-time value of strong relationships.

These are the values that we applaud at The Boardroom Network – customer first, or, in our case, Members come first.  We’re so proud and glad to have Matt aboard and looking after all who are ready to get integrity-driven, focused, business insurance.

[Great picture, Justin Wharmby!]

Matt’s done something really interesting as a result of yesterday – he’s updated his profile.  You can see this here.  May I suggest it is time for all of us to revisit our profiles?  And does your LinkedIn profile reflect your professional involvement with The Boardroom Network?  I think it gives us all more credibility.  If you need help resizing images, reach out to Pete Doughty or me, and we’ll gladly help you.

“Everyone Else Is Just Green…”

Hey, if you can name that song, I’ll be thrilled.  Lynda Daniels was next up sharing her massive and highly congruent enthusiasm for Green Matters.  Specifically, at this event, for promoting Green Transport.  The Big Green Wheels extravaganza takes place at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton, on 18th May, from 11am to 7pm.  This is your and my opportunity to experience the value of green technology without costing the earth.

The booking link is or you can ring Lynda’s team on 01202 971186.

I’ll be there if anyone’s up for a drink at the Pit Stop Bar!

The above picture was adapted from one of Lynda’s sites: – your and my chance to join the like-minded in a quest to make a green difference to this pearl of a planet.

What Bike Do You Ride?

Bike jokes aside, the charismatic and charming Sam Sharma took us through the Failure Cycle – the one we all ride from time to time.  What I specifically took away from Sam’s presentation was the fact that there are pay-offs that keep us in the Failure Cycle – largely from the buzz of seeking new experiences.

Sam made a link to our sporting venue by talking about performance, areas of success, and areas of failure.

“We begin to fail, the moment we get excited…”

I had to laugh at this in the sense as I’m doomed to a life of failure then!  I don’t know about you, but I wake up excited!  Sam hit the nail on the head when he drew attention to how excitement rapidly turns to avoidance (New Year’s Gym resolutions, anybody?)

Next, come all the excuses! (Good job there are so many coaching signs around the Dorset road network, declaring: “No Excuses!”  Let’s take those as a reminder of Sam’s message!)

So, DON’T try the two dominant excuses on with Sam:

“I don’t have enough money…”

“I don’t have enough time…”

We all have 168 hours a week, so ‘time’ is not the issue as much as ‘choice’ is.

And, as a forthcoming speaker at The Boardroom Education, Paul Avins, says,

“There is no lack of resources – merely a lack of resourcefulness…”

Sam then got a good laugh from the room when he moved on to the fourth part of the Failure Cycle: “Blame”!  What got the laugh?  “Brexit!”

If you want to break the Failure Cycle, reach out to Sam to open the dialogue.

Two Ears; One Mouth – and the Power of “Yes, And…”

Astrid Davies – transformational coach – and I were up next, sharing a simple way to get more by giving more to all our networking, relationships, and conversations.  The principle is called, “Yes, And…” and is the first of 7 principles used by the most famous training company for improvisational acting in the world.  The company is, “The Second City.”  They have trained and produced talent like Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and John Candy.  There are many more, but you get my point – their process is proven and it works.

With the “Yes, And…” principle, we can give and gain way more value to and from our round-table networking.  The art is to really listen to the person who shares before you do as we go round the tables.  Your mission is then to say, “Yes!” to that person’s content by focusing on one element that you really can relate to, and then you add value by augmenting their point with something you bring to the table.

Astrid was easy to say, “Yes!” too because, like me, she believes in the efficacy of coaching to promote business growth.  This resonates with me.  So what would my ‘And…’ be?  What would yours be?

For me, Astrid uses one of my favourite words as, when you check out her TBN profile, you will see she is a “Transformational Coach.”  ‘Live’ – we got into a great loop of finding out how we could support one another in prioritising the changes we’d like to see in our businesses.  Here, in the blog, I would add that I use Accelerated Learning to empower learning organisations so that they can transform their results.  If you’d like to work with Astrid and me, we’d love to take you out for coffee… or a beverage even more transformational!

Furthermore, let me give a shamelessly audacious plug for the next blog on, “The Boardroom Education,” where you will be able to have your say as to what subjects you’d enjoy learning more about.  We started with LinkedIn but that was our best guess.  Let’s do some serious research!

Caption???  I love Astrid’s face!

Wessex Forces as our Sponsor – with Jon Beake

Jon’s job is to connect business people with Defence people.  He helps all of us find a benefit in helping Forces personnel.  This is an ideal way to get into Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our thanks go to Jon for his generosity in supporting our event.

Jon’s role is primarily as a Connector, so feel free to reach out to him in order to discover more at Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadets Association

Super Sam eXposes Opportunities

Finally, Super Sam Dyer created the ideal segue into a day filled with business opportunities.  It was GREAT to collaborate with Sam’s passion to promote business connectivity in the South and South West.  If you want to “Enter the (Raven) Dragon,” releasing your own latent potential, connect with Sam and begin that next stage of your journey to excellence.

In the words of Neo from The Matrix,

“Where we from there, is a choice I leave to you…”