From the joyous sound of releasing equity to the sublime heights of lifting the bar


We were EMPOWERED at Solent this month.

“By whom?” I hear you say… well let me herald their names:

Carol McFadden EMPOWERED us to release our equity

Frank “Tinkerbell” Marsh sprinkled us with fairy dust to EMPOWER our selling skills

Carol Davies and her esteemed colleagues EMPOWERED us to save MILLIONS by trusting our cause to friendly, local barristers…

Jay Rachet EMPOWERED us to remember the magic number ‘72’

And yours truly shared the EMPOWERING sequence of small workshops to 10x our business effectiveness, cash flow, and joy!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

…oh the joyous sound of Equity Release!  No longer a dirty phrase, Equity Release can empower your cash flow to fund all manner of more profitable ventures. For example, consider an investment that will bring you 25% ROI.  In such a case, the lower interest rate associated with Equity Release makes sense as a source of funding.  Of course, there is always a risk, which is why you need professional, impartial advice. Thankfully, Carol is here to help.

Carol McFadden offers serious mortgage advice – with a human touch – and a sense of humour.  More than this, Carol delivers excellence backed by the right qualifications, professional know-how, and life experience.  She was clear that she would rather her customers make informed decisions than be ‘sold’ to – whatever path we choose, she exhorted us to get professional advice.  For Carol, the results of this win-win approach has meant returning customers – customers who have been happy to refer Carol to their own trusted connections.

Carol was clearly passionate about dispelling popular myths in various areas – particularly Lifetime Mortgages and Equity Release – a market where both demand and product sophistication are growing rapidly – generating a need for an informed and educated decision process.

Here, are Carol’s own words: “I’m interested in presenting to groups of interested individuals (solicitors, accountants, folk interested in learning about mortgage options (lifetime or standard mortgages), or offering my no-obligation and free initial review to individuals (they will be required to sign a privacy document allowing me to have contact with them to discuss their personal information with them – GDPR!).”

Thus, not only has GDPR got even more PR, we also had a lot of fun with Carol’s mystery gifts on each table – a brilliant way to rouse and engage a breakfast audience!

Thanks, Carol… next up, that Fairy Frank!

The Tinkerbell of Sales

…as Frank Marsh described himself!  His decades of experience in sales and training salespeople has been of benefit to 35 companies.  That’s quite a résumé.

Frank is inviting us to a big mansion in…

…Basingstoke, lured by the promise of free parking and coffee.  In return, we can get a more significant taster of his Sales Academy.

What stood out for me was the assertion (which I believe to be true) that you don’t have to have the best product or service to succeed in sales… but you do need to realise that the buyers of today are sophisticated.   We need to find their pain point and then offer an authentic and sustainable solution.

With 53% of salespeople failing to make their targets, now is the ideal time to brush up our sales’ skills, and get a bit of fairy dust to make the magic happen.


Thanks, Frank, though next time, can we have a tutu?


Raising the Bar!

We knew from Jacqui Frampton’s pre-breakfast email that we were in for a treat, but who would have guessed the entertrainment would come with a costumed courtroom drama?With wit, humour, and authority – our local Barristers, from City Chambers, worked their charm on us all.  A trinity of triumphant treats, Carol shone the spotlight on the two other colleagues present: Daniel Piddington and Neil Maton, as well as highlighting the power of the well-established team at College Chambers.

With wit, humour, and authority – our local Barristers, from City Chambers, worked their charm on us all.  A trinity of triumphant treats, Carol shone the spotlight on the two other colleagues present: Daniel Piddington and Neil Maton, as well as highlighting the power of the well-established team at College Chambers.

The serious point was well made, wrapped in humour: you don’t have to spend a fortune on City Barristers when there are locals who know the turf, know their stuff, and know you!!!

Thank you, Carol, Daniel, and Neil for raising the Bar!

Whilst my description is short here – Carol’s presentation, along with Frank, our other Carol, and Jay’s are all on our YouTube channel.  I’m sure you will enjoy the opportunity to view for the first time or review if you made it to the event.

You Can Catch the Vision Here

72 is the new 24

I don’t know how many of our readers ever watched the exciting series ‘24’ (series plural!), but our own Jay Rachet MC used some NLP Jedi Mind Tricks to brand the importance of follow up into our consciousness.  If I were to reframe Jay’s message as a question, I would ask,

“Do you really have time to network?”

By this I mean, if you and I don’t take the time to follow up after an event, the largest part of the potential for growth and development is lost.  Fortune favours those who follow up fast… within 72 hours, as Jay shared.

I wonder how many of us did?

Well, if, like me, you didn’t make it within the 72-hour window, don’t despair but reach out now, asap!

Jay, ‘MC’ now also means, “Master Coach”!  Nice one!

Bored with Education?

I had the exciting opportunity to flag up the next level of engagement for all members who are ready, willing, and able!  Yes, “The Boardroom Education,” has a sequence of experiential events lined up that will transform bored-rooms into boardrooms fit to lead the field!

At the end of June, we feature “Influence for Good,” jointly delivered by Astrid Davies et moi – a practical psychology session – lasting only three hours – where you will learn the insider-secrets of how to influence others with integrity.  The date is Friday, 29th, and, because we believe the environment is an essential element of creating the right experience, we’re at Hotel du Vin, in Poole – and with only a maximum of 15 places.

Blazing on into the Summer, we’ve got Sam Dyer (NLP Guru and all-round good chap) helping us build on the Pillars of Success.  Sam and I will do a separate blog on this so you know what you’re in for and up for!

In the peak of the heat, we’ve got one of my closest friends, Jamie Skipper, taking us through what really makes us tick: Motivation.  Yes, Mr Motivator Himself, a personal fitness coach and ex-stripper, will be entertaining, engaging, and enamouring us with the science of motivation and the art of making the most of what drives us.

Then, in September, we’ll have “The Return of the [NLP] Jedi,” Sam Dyer with:

SMASHing Goals – an ‘omage to SMASH club and the power of goals to get us SMASHing through our targets.

October is most likely to bring us International Business Mentor, Author, and Presenter, Paul Avins on how to 10x our businesses.

Are you excited yet?

Now, we’ve deliberately chosen Hotel du Vin to keep the quality high, and the numbers low.  It’s all about the quality of the experience.  This means that, if you want to get on board, you need to get on our GDPR compliant R.A.D.A.R.!  So call Lex on 0-777-8-221-222 to secure not only your seat but also your reduced ticket to ride on this amazing journey together.

You can also email Jacqui or Lex directly.

TBN preferential rates are available for the first 15 people.

There is no capacity above that number at this venue.  And if you’re worried that your plans may change, you can pass your ticket to another member – but only to another member at these subsidised rates.

Want more? get you connected with this bold new strand of The Boardroom Network!

Next Solent event is back at the wonderful Chilworth Manor on 20thJuly – in at 7 out at 9!

Thanks for reading!


[The legal bits… photo credits: 1) coffee cup 2) Polar bear 3) all other photos by Lex McKee]