From Healthcare to Halloween and from Firewalking to living without Fear or Frustration

From Healthcare to Halloween, Firewalking to Living without Fear or Frustration!

You Can’t Put A Price On Your Health

Alex Budd, owner of the local franchise of WPA, launched our keynote presentations.

Having lived abroad in Sydney for seven and a half years, and Brisbane for five, Alex is often asked, “What are you doing back here?”  Good question, and Alex certainly recommends the Australian experience if that’s a viable option for you.

Returning to the UK posed some interesting challenges.  The higher earnings would have required the long trek from Andover to London every day, but he chose to put the family first and work locally for a better work-life balance.  After a spell as a business development manager for a local insurance firm, the opportunity to work with WPA arose – a company with a very high reputation for support and ethical standards.

Alex provides private medical insurance and the level of private medical care he would want for his own family.  What is the value of having private medical insurance?  Ultimately, it gives you prompt access to both diagnosis and treatment.   No more waiting lists!

When your health is at risk, choice is essential.  With WPA you can choose when and where you are treated.  You also get privacy and cleanliness.  Furthermore, you get your own room and resources.  WPA’s scope goes beyond the drugs and treatments available on the NHS.

Declaring deep respect and appreciation for the NHS – especially when it comes to Accident and Emergency or life-threatening situations – private medical insurance is nevertheless the bridge for everything in between.

Founded in 1901, WPA only soley on private medical insurance.  They don’t advertise – growth being organic by word of mouth.  Premiums are consistent even if you’ve had to draw heavily on your policy.

You can’t put a price on your health.  So,£64 pcm seems more than fair for the average 40 year old.  There are also reductions for certain professions and the self-employed.

If you’d like to find out more about WPA exemplary track record and tailoring of products to fit all budgets, chat to Alex.  Accountants, IFAs, Insurance Brokers are key contact for Alex if you’d care to connect him.

Alex finished with an interactive quiz that got us all thinking.  We were all pretty good with everyone a winner!  That felt good!  (Do you know the longest bone in the human body?)  Of course, the prize was a healthy one… fruit!

The Spooky Dos and Don’ts of Networking!

Next up, with the room shrouded in darkness, we had the enigmatic Chris Hughes dressed as that cinematic character, The Crow.  Chris’ theme, on Halloween, was the importance of making a memorable impression if we care to be successful in networking.

The need to be friendly and build friendships has paid off for Chris.  Sharing cards like confetti and ‘working’ the room really doesn’t work.  Networking is a slow-burn while you build respect and gain friendship.

Another completely wrong assumption is that it is all about talking.  It’s about making other people feel important.  Listening to them and understanding where they come from allows common interests to emerge.  Always being curious is a great way to understand other people in business.  Asking the right questions opens new worlds of opportunity.  The moment you stop being curious, you stop caring.

The top three questions at networking events tend to be rather boring!  Instead, ask interesting questions such as, “What do you do for fun?”

Digging deeper into people’s dreams and aspirations add a more friendly wrapper around the habits we call networking.

The relaxed style and the way we do things at TBN really have suited Chris’ own personality – and has brought him great benefits – personally and professionally.  Salisbury is a great place to do business.

Forget Fireman Sam, We’ve Got Firewalking Sam!

Hot from the success of last Friday night’s Firewalking session, it was my joy to introduce Sam Dyer.  Facilitating a group session, Sam walked us through the concept of Reframing.

This is where we assign fresh meanings to our experiences so that they all empower us.

Firewalking is a good metaphor for this since it takes beyond an existing comfort zone and allows us to feel different about facing danger and those things that challenge us.

Next Firewalking sessions are 15th November in Devon, and then back at the Dudsbury in February.  Time for Roast Crow (Chris was first to put his hand up to sign up!)

Reframing shifts perception.  Sam’s first example was around the phenomenon of ‘Road Rage’.  Learning initially the hard way, Sam now is able to find value in every seemingly disruptive travelling experience!  Becoming cross is a choice – a choice point where a different, more resourceful route can be decided upon.

Throwing the challenge, Sam encouraged us to turn around every experience so that our interpretation of it made us feel more resourceful.

We then moved into a really stimulating group-think session where we transformed irritating topics such as Brexit and patronising behaviour by reframing the interpretation into something that was useful.  Hey, it’s a kind of magic!

A Memory for Business

It was a delight to have ten of our participants stay behind for an hour’s introduction to “Memory for Business.”

As our Salisbury group develops a stronger identity and its own style, I hope we will be able to enjoy more short post-breakfast sessions from members.  Having an hour, I was able to walk us through three key business applications of memory for business:

  • The principles that make any pitch, presentation, or proposal memorable
  • A process for memorising names and faces
  • The easiest way to remember to-do lists.

It was fun and well-received… so, next up, Speed Reading!