The Boardroom Network Online – 19.10.23

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  • The Boardroom Network Online
    Thursday 19th October 2023
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

Maintaining and improving your business network we believe is  key to success both personally and professionally.

Here at The Boardroom Network (TBN)  we aim to offer our members and visitors opportunities to maintain and expand their connections in the regional business community and share their business experiences and expertise.

Despite a return to regular face to face events  we have found that here at TBN Online we regularly have 60+  business owners and professionals from across the Southern Region, connecting via video and audio conference to share their knowledge, opinions and viewpoints, as well as discuss best practices and business tactics.

We recognise that online networking can sometimes be just as daunting as attending a regular networking event therefore we aim to provide some of the structure and successful format from our  live events to our online meetings we find this ensures everyone feels welcome and at ease.

We include ‘speed’ networking, via our Coffee Connections section, followed by planned ‘virtual table’ groups and table swaps with a table ambassador leading the group. In addition there are one or sometimes two  brief business focussed presentations and the opportunity for an open group discussion on whatever business topic(s) we have covered in the session.

Visitors welcome – Your time with us will “fly by” and we are confident you will both enjoy and benefit from the dynamic and diversity of these events.