The Boardroom Network is intended to be an effective commercial networking club where people can introduce their business, promote their products and services and where possible buy from other members. To facilitate this, we have created a series of etiquette guidelines that go hand-in-hand with our terms and conditions of membership.

Once you become a member, you will be keen to attend as many meetings as possible to maximise your annual membership. However, we appreciate that sometimes things do not go as smoothly as planned and that occasionally you may not be able to attend a meeting. Should this be the case, we expect a message from you as a matter of courtesy advising us that you cannot attend your meeting (however late in the day). Please make every effort to send a substitute to stand in for you, as networking is most effective when people regularly attend and there are large numbers of people in the room. An empty chair with your name on it will not help your business grow.

Every Boardroom Network member buys into the concept of networking with as many members as possible at each monthly meeting. High attendance at meetings equals high energy levels, more business contacts, greater camaraderie and better relationship building. More business for you also means more business for your fellow members. If you do not participate, others miss out as well. We accept you may miss one or two meetings during the year but should you miss two consecutive meetings and have not communicated the reasons why to us, don’t be surprised if we ask you to reconsider your membership.

We are very happy to receive any visitors you wish to bring to an event, provided that they operate in a business that is not currently represented by an existing member. Please book them in no less than 3 days before the meeting and pay their attendance fee.

Who do you know that has a business? We meet lots of people in our everyday lives and it’s surprising who you actually know when you put your mind to it. We allow visitors a maximum of two visits before we ask that they make the decision to join The Boardroom Network.

Types of Members
It is important to the founders that The Boardroom Network is a highly successful, commercial networking club. In this sense, we are only prepared to accept members who have an ability to both buy and sell. Our intention is also to maximise the diversity within the group; to that end, we shall place practical limits on any one profession or activity. We cannot accept every type of business. A list is available of those who we cannot accept as a guest visitor.

Community Policy
Our policy is to select and support a different charity each year. Therefore charities cannot become members. However, the selected charity will benefit from the Club’s fundraising activities and will be invited to attend the meeting on two occasions throughout the year. The sum of our donation will be announced at the Christmas Event.

Additional Terms and Conditions

These are The Boardroom Network’s ground rules and we expect our members to comply with them fully. In particular you must pay your monthly meeting fees by standing order, as The Boardroom Network will have funded your breakfast whether or not you or your substitute attend, and this outlay must be covered.