Do you have the FACE for LinkedIn?

Someone, thinking they were funny, once suggested I had the ‘face’ for radio.  Well, I’d love to share some of the learning gleaned from our session with Andy Gwynn, using the mnemonic FACE to help you develop your own Social Media strategy.  Do you and I have the FACE for LinkedIn?

Yesterday, we launched The Boardroom Education. This is a deliberate initiative by The Boardroom Network to add business development to the already awesome impact that networking can bring to any business. Many of our members have already delivered phenomenally impactful workshops for our network in the past. Now we are lending the established reputation of ‘The Boardroom Network‘ brand to these workshops. What’s the difference? None, in terms of the quality already delivered. It’s more about the angle of approach – under The Boardroom Education brand, we will simply be seeking to deliver the workshops that you specifically ask for – based on training needs analysis and anecdotal conversations. That’s an exciting step in a new direction… (and very GDPR-friendly!)

An example of the value delivered in the first workshop – on LinkedIn

Whilst our very first workshop was an opportunity seized rather than a subject asked for, we nevertheless knew that Andy Gwynn‘s insights into LinkedIn would add massive value to our own members. And when I say ‘members’ I mean something rather special that happened. How so? Well, our first event was a bridge between three highly valued networks in the South who had a common interest in LinkedIn:

  • Us!  The Boardroom Network
  • The Bournemouth property investors network (I host this meeting with Mark Waterhouse)
  • The Portsmouth Progressive Property Network

This was an example of collaboration that I would dearly seek to see more of.

FACE – a reframe of just one of Andy’s key points

It was great to spend time learning with Andy Gwynn again – Andy was the ‘wizard’ who set me off on the path of coaching people in how to optimise their LinkedIn profile for their desired outcomes. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many entrepreneurial business owners accelerate the results they get from LinkedIn… and, yes, that’s a plug. I can and want to help you too!

Valuing one’s experience

As an Accelerated Trainer, I’m always looking for ways to make his learning ‘stick’ in my mind so that I can have rapid recall. As Andy was sharing his FCE strategy: Find, Connect, Engage, I realised that wasn’t hard to remember… except, for me, it will be. Even the clearest learning will be flooded out by a tidal wave of information and emails I’ll have to deal with today.

Thus, it is imperative for me that I have more ‘hooks’ on the learning for it to become second nature (and thus good habit). Your brain may be better than mine, but in case it, too, needs support, here’s what’s working for me!

To empower my own recall, I’ve reframed it as the mnemonic acronym ‘FACE’.  (FCE was screaming at me for an ‘A’!)

  • Find
  • Add value
  • Connect
  • Engage

Find – make it easy for people to find you for what you want to be found for. Don’t use LinkedIn as a CV – use it as a professional broadcast platform to make your specific message clear.

Add (massive) value – by making sure there is relevant content on your Store-Front (which is what LinkedIn is) that will draw them deeper into your Store! This was a point Andy made over and over again – so I feel I’m staying true to the massive action he urged us to take!

Connect – with purpose, passion, and the personal touch. Don’t just accept or send an invitation – make it personal. Reading the connectees own LinkedIn profile should give you all the information you need to make a meaningful connection.

Engage – keep the dialogue flowing until that connection is permanently established – then collaborate to produce valued results together.

Hope that empowers your memory recall too!

Entre nous, we were fortunate to have Pete Doughty with us. Pete is an expert in Adobe applications like Photoshop and InDesign. This means that he can help you sort out the visual aspects of your profile such as the Banner – your opportunity to make your profile more impactful. AND we had Justin Wharmby, a most excellent photographer, who added value by capturing participants’ profile pictures in the best light. It would be a pleasure for me to connect you to these guys who can help your profile stand head-and-shoulders above others.

“But, Lex, I missed the session!”

Fret not, there will be monthly sessions from The Boardroom Education – once we’ve clearly established what businesses in Bournemouth have a hunger about to build their business by a factor of 10.

This means you don’t have to wait:

You can have your say, Today!

What subject would be of immediate value in accelerating your business results?

Let’s get a dialogue flowing in the ‘comments’ below!

[NB. I’m thinking of running a regular Social Marketing Clinic with Pete Doughty – under the banner of ‘The Boardroom Education’. You could make an appointment on a given day, to pop into Hotel du Vin to work on your profile and your marketing materials. What do you think of that idea? Hands on, personal attention, guaranteed results. Then you can treat yourself to a drink in the bar, or a meal in the restaurant. Come with a friend and boost your network’s net worth!]

I hope I can entice you to take up these opportunities – just realise that I’d trade in guess-work for data any day.  If you tell me what you’d value, we’ll find a way to deliver it… and then some!

Thank you for reading this and for all the insights you’ll share.


Member of The Boardroom Network.


ps. if you’d be interested in a Webinar where we work through key aspects of LinkedIn (on a Wednesday night) would you let me know?  Thanks!