Diving Deeper

Diving Deeper

What do Mother Teresa, a diabolical apparition in a bloodbath of a swimming pool, and The Full Monty have in common?  Isn’t it obvious?  Such is the diversity of keynote deliveries our members and visitors enjoy at The Boardroom Network!

November’s breakfast meeting of our Dorset group was treated to a three-course menu of:

  • Marion Hewitt on Motivation and Motivational Mapping (including Mother Teresa)
  • Gerard Maguire on Individuality Swimming and Fitness (featuring a scary video of a Halloween-faced swimmer in bloodstained water), and
  • Lex McKee with Sam Dyer and Dr Hannah Beard and Jamie Forster sharing our experiences of firewalking and arrow-breaking as examples of gaining engagement, and Chris Heffer on the power of involvement in creating engagement on Social Media.

What motivates you?  Understanding your motivation with your own Motivational Map

Let’s share what happened in Marion’s own words including her offer…

The brief introduction to motivation and Motivational Maps at TBN gave an opportunity to consider what motivates you as an individual, and why this is relevant and important.  If you would like to learn more and have your own personalised map plus a one hour 1-2-1 debrief and coaching session to enable you to get real value and insight into your motivators, please contact Marion on marionhewitt@proteasolutions.co.uk.  This is normally £175 plus VAT and is being offered to TBN members for £130 plus VAT.   Investing in understanding what motivates you is so that you can take action to meet these needs and make your motivation even higher, which in turn enables you to make real progress towards whatever you are aiming to achieve.  [End quote]

Marion, like so many other members, is passionate about Mental Health – brought powerfully to our awareness through presentations to TBN from Jamie Forster and Chris Heffer.  We now have an opportunity to learn how to support one another.

Again, I quote from the copy Marion has forwarded to me…

Raising awareness of mental health

Protea Solutions provides mental health awareness training and has a number of courses coming up.  All are accredited Mental Health First Aid England courses.  Raising awareness of mental health is part of creating a workplace where people feel valued and supported, and in turn able to work well.  These courses are being offered so smaller organisations who want to take action to raise awareness, reduce the stigma attached to mental ill-health, and support their employees who are mentally unwell, can access this valuable training.  A discounted rate is being offered to TBN members of £110 for the Mental Health Aware course, £150 for the Mental Health Champion, and £275 for the MHFAider two-day training. Prices will be plus VAT.  This discount is also available for your clients if they reference TBN and book directly. 

Further information is available at www.proteasolutions.co.uk Please book directly via abbie@proteasolutions.co.uk to access the promotional rate.  [End quote]

Marion has much more on offer, but this is our blog rather than a directly promotional piece meaning simply that it would be best for you to engage with Marion to discover more.  It is not our normal practice to promote opportunities like this in such detail, but, on this occasion, we have raised the issue of Mental Health in the past and now have a route to take specific action to benefit our members.


“Someone Saved My Life Tonight…”

So sings Elton John on the iconic Captain Fantastic Album.  The same could be said of what Individuality Swimming and Fitness sets out to achieve.

Gerard Maguire has left ‘life on the veg’ with Riverford Organic Farmers to join ‘life on the edge’ (of the pool) with his wife, Kristin.  Their 18 years of experience, professional qualifications, and team of 66 employees puts them in an authoritative position to teach all ages to swim safely and confidently.

When I say, “teach all ages,” I really mean it.  Individuality takes an individually tailored approach to every student’s needs, beginning with expectant mothers through to their babies, and all the way up the age and ability spectrum to senior citizens.  They are so passionate about the primacy of learning to swim that they even train teachers to expand the work.

If you’ve been putting off learning to swim, know that now is the best time to learn to swim!  585 people drowned in the UK in 2018.  Tragically poignant is the statistic that the ratio of male to female losses is 7 to 1.  Much of this comes down to deliberate drowning, highlighting once more the importance of addressing mental health issues.  Let me add some of the other key points from Gerard’s presentation…

The rate of drowning in lakes, rivers, and ponds is double that of coastal drowning events.

Shock situations like seeking to save a dog contribute to 60% of all drownings being people who had no intention of going into the water.  As Gerard asserts: the dog can swim – leave it.

If you should end up in cold water, his advice is potentially life-saving: stay calm, float, look for ways to get out quickly, then get warm and stay warm.  This is because of the danger of cold-water shock – which can last for up to 90 seconds.

Gerard is seeking to raise funds for a school pool facility that meets the needs of over 1600 children.  The facility was damaged in a storm in 2018, and whilst the roof is slowly being repaired, he is trying to raise funds to upgrade the 1970’s era changing rooms.  The school has no budget for this, so if this sounds like a project you’d love to get involved with, do reach out to Gerard.

The Full Monty – How to get engagement!

It would be an understatement to say that those TBN members who attended Sam Dyer’s Firewalk had a positive experience!  It was a breakthrough for many of us – with input at our breakfast meeting from Hannah Beard and Jamie Forster.  For Hannah, the arrow-breaking that Sam added to the workshop was particularly powerful.

My reason for asking Sam Dyer, Hannah Beard, Jamie Forster, and Chris Heffer to join me on the platform for the final keynote was to highlight the power of active experience in building engagement.

Those of you who know me well enough also know that I am keen to help members get engagement on Social Media.  With all the noise online, this is a tough call that requires persistence and innovative thinking.

Chris Heffer and Stephen Bavister – members from LexisClick – are enjoying good engagement through their post on ‘Marmite’.  Chris sent an irresistible invitation out to some of the LexisClick fans, with very clear instructions on how to create a video snippet on the topic of how we felt about Marmite.  What I loved about this was the fact that our engagement was thereby guaranteed before the post went out on Social Media.  We had some ‘skin in the game’ – since the post was ‘our’ post.

Chris and Stephen have hit the nail on the head with this one, giving the audience they are customer-obsessed with a stake in the game.

This led me to illustrate the power of intelligent engagement through a reference to a clip from The Full Monty.  In a portion of the movie, lasting just 56 seconds, we see an elevation of engagement by letting the ‘customer’ process the experience.

Seven aspects of multiple intelligence are demonstrated in the clip, and all seven offer us ideas on how to dive deeper into engagement online and on hot coals!

  • Reflective Intelligence – letting our customers reflect on what our products and services mean for them. Sam’s firewalking experience is orchestrated to let each participant find their own meaning.  This was clear when Hannah asserted that the arrow-breaking was more significant for her than walking across the red-hot fiery coals.
  • Linguistic Intelligence – which in The Full Monty was the customers naming the movement, “The Arsenal Offside Trap.” How could your customers get involved in naming (and so ‘owning’) what you offer?
  • Mathematical-Logical Intelligence – getting customers to think about your proposition, usually by posing a question or adding a poll.

The other four aspects of Multiple Intelligence are: Social, Visual-Spatial, Physical, and Musical.  All four played a part in the Firewalk experience, and thus it was a more ‘intelligent’ engagement for us.

Therefore, I ask, how could you use music in your Social Media?  How could you involve groups of customers (your tribe)?  How could you visualise what you offer so that customers can see it, or, even better, get them to create the visuals?  Could your customers’ children design your company’s Christmas cards?  And how could you empower your customers to get hands-on with your product or service experience?

When we like LexisClick and Sam’s Firewalking orchestrate an intelligent and immersive experience, we accelerate the pathway to engagement – both online and ‘live’.


Shhh! Calling Secret Agents

Remember, Andy Taylor-Whyte, of The Inspiration Bureau, is giving away a FREE workshop to TBN after the next Chilworth event… but you’ve got to book!  Ping Andy a coded message to discover more!


The White Christmas Luncheon…

…is coming!  Wednesday, 11th December, The Italian Villa, book it now!