Networking frequently leads to collaborations. Sometimes it’s about a pinch of luck thrown into the recipe on the day, but at other times it’s just a really good fit after people have made the time to get to know each other.

July’s professional business club breakfast meeting, attended by 60 members and visitors at the Solent Hotel, included a presentation by two TBN members who are working together.

Property investor Bronwen Vearncombe spoke about her experience networking with TBN, focusing on what she’s gained. When she first came along she said she ‘wanted other people’s money’ – meant nicely but for investment purposes. She was looking at the faces in the room as potential funders. A couple of years down the line she has built a £60,000 passive income, gleaned from her successful property portfolio and trains others to do the same.

“Networking is not something you can do quickly; it’s about listening and helping people to achieve what they want. Practise, practise, practise!” she advised. “People are friendly, they want to help. Keep those business cards and have a filing system rather than a ‘piling system’!”

Lex McKee followed. He’s teamed up with Bronwen via to produce video training content because 70 per cent of internet primary traffic is video content.

“Let’s get visual,” said Lex, who highlighted the comprehensive video marketing research which he undertakes for clients. Top tips: use music and have 150 words of good content. “Do we have a copywriter in the room?” he asked… and yours truly made herself known. His “I make you famous and Bronwen makes you rich,” was certainly a memorable call to action.

The last presenter was Tracie Sharp, representing Mick Collins of The Chocolate Lounge. Mick has finally moved from Copnor to his new premises at Clarendon Road, Southsea, and it is not just a chocolate shop, but a bar featuring gins and craft beers, live entertainment – an ideal birthday party venue. Next weekend is an open house for the official launch, so pop along. Congratulations to Mick, a founder TBN member, who has been waiting patiently for this to fall into place.

Around one-minute presentations, table swaps and precision timing (courtesy of MC Jay Ratchet), a few table hosts threw in questions, including ‘when is your best business thinking time?’ (dog walking appears extremely popular).

Many of us are looking forward to summer holidays with the kids from this weekend, at home or abroad, a much-needed recharge and precious family time, yet a few relaxed weeks may be when new ideas emerge.

Pack the hat and sun cream, make family memories and keep a notebook nearby. A scribbled idea in a chill zone may rise to top a revised business plan on your return.


Words: Sue Hughes Copywriting & Editing,