Collaboration with Sam Dyer.

I enjoy Sam’s presentations so much that I spent a couple of hours transliterating the first part of his speech.

Here is that first part, verbatim.

[Begin quote…]

Can we just have a show of hands?


Who’s kind of on their own and trying to do everything?

A few of you!

Anyone feel like a jack of all trades?

Do you have a business, or do you have a job?

What I mean by that is – is it actually something, are you setting up something, do you have something that you can take yourself out of and it still runs, and it stills moves, and it’s perhaps something you can build up to be a saleable commodity?

Or are you actually just doing a job that you’ve got… all the fun and games of being self-employed that come with it – which has got its rewards – but of course it’s got its down-sides as well.

And so, I started thinking, as time has moved on, and really looking at different ways, and collaboration is a really, really big thing for me at the moment.  Because I think it actually leads to a better business, a better range of products or services, but also a better and a higher quality of offering as well… When you’ve got people that you can work with that will support and challenge you…

…and that’s something certainly that when I’m on my own completely, I really miss.

I know that sometimes I need a bit of a kick up the backside, I need a bit of showing me things in different ways… I’m very big picture with the way that I look at things – which is great in many ways but it, of course, it means that I miss out on a lot of detail – that I don’t see those things and I miss out on potential issues as well.

[…End Quote]

Part 2 – my more personal commentary on Sam’s presentation

Spanx founder, Sara Blakely, says, “Hire your weaknesses,” something Sam had picked up from a post I’d shared.  He reframed this as the need to collaborate with our weaknesses after being really honest with ourselves.  Where are we ‘weak’?

I really support Sam in this assertion.  I’ve been a student of Zenger and Folkman’s excellent, “The Extraordinary Leader,” for decades.  It’s one of the best bodies of research ever gathered on what makes an ‘Extraordinary Leader’.  In their breath-taking breadth of research, they arrived at 16 characteristics of a leader.

The key take out for me was that a leader only had to be rated as excellent in 3/16 for them to be ‘extraordinary’ (as long as they were fatally flawed in any of the other 13).  We lead our own businesses, and, without being too dramatic, our own destinies.  As such, it behoves us to know our strengths and then hire in anything that isn’t excellent!

You can get the new version of this game-changing book on Amazon.

Zenger and Folkman are very clear on their assertion that a leader that works on their strengths will only ever develop strong weaknesses!  Hiring your weaknesses and outsourcing everything that isn’t a strength is not only great business sense, but it is also what I would call becoming  ‘Entrepreneurially Literate’.

I also note that being good at administration is not one of the 16 characteristics of an Extraordinary Leader!

Q. Which of the 16 Characteristics are your particular strengths?

Business Coach and long-term TBN Member, Simon Rigby, regularly says something like, “Don’t do £10 per hour jobs if your value to the business is £80 per hour.”  There are people out there who like doing expenses, spreadsheets, and routine admin.  As an entrepreneurial business owner – the TBN demographic – there’s no way you should be doing this!

Sam shared this rather wonderful quote,

“Wherever you are, all ships rise with the tide.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business for forty or fifty years; whether you’re doing £20k a year or £2 million… you can still collaborate with others and grow your business.

Sam’s challenges were along the lines of leaving behind a scarcity mentality (often accompanied by trying to do everything ourselves) and embracing a much broader, deeper, bigger vision that there are huge opportunities that can only be realised through sharing collaboratively.


Q. Do you dare to be bigger and better – not growing just for the sake of growing – but going for something amazing?

Q. Can you think in terms of abundance? Are you prepared to let some of the flow go so that you can create more flow?

This creates a better version of you – to work with true purpose.

The deeper power of TBN can take over 5 years to find, get to know, get to like, and get to trust collaborative partners – like Sam working with Dr Hannah Beard on their new book!

Q. Can we change our perception of Networking – that it’s Networking to collaborate? If so, all the many ships at TBN can rise with the tide… together.

Call to Action

What steps could we take to respond to Sam’s message?

  • Engage with Sam – he’s one of the most joyful business coaches I know. How could you both collaborate?
  • Know yourself, and identify both strengths and weaknesses
  • Check out the profiles of other members at – and actively look for the kinds of people who could cover your weak areas
  • Update your own profile on our site so that you are broadcasting the right message
  • Solicit testimonials from other members who know your strengths
  • If you want to know for sure what your strengths are, do your Talent Dynamics profile with me. This will let you know your strengths AND whom you should be looking for.  This is the purpose of this unique profiling tool for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business.  Details on my TBN profile!