Castle Club Membership Criteria & Etiquette

By applying for Membership of The Castle Club you agree to abide by the following:

Membership Criteria

The Castle Club membership will be formed from Directors, Partners and/or owners of registered companies and businesses in their own right. Middle Managers or employees need not apply.
Members will be known and respected within their particular business sector, with five or more years of senior leadership experience within their company/area of expertise.
Members will be expected to share their business experience as well as take away insights from others. Engagement in the dialogue of meetings and in conversation with other members is essential.
Membership will be limited to 30 individual members across a broad sector of business.
Similar businesses may be present within the membership, at the discretion of The Castle Club.
Membership will be for a minimum of one year, payable either by monthly (£40 +VAT), quarterly (£120 + VAT) or annual subscription (£480 + VAT).
Members unable to attend meetings may offer their place to others who meet the membership criteria. The Castle Club must approve substitutions prior to any member absence.
Prospective members who wish to attend a trial meeting before committing to join the Club will be required to meet the membership criteria and pay a £150 guest fee. Prospective members may only visit The Castle Club once.
Membership will be open to all those who meet the above criteria, not just those already known as part of The Boardroom Network.
The Castle Club will be a place to share insights and issues, experience and advice, all in a spirit of trust, confidentiality and friendship. All members will be required to commit to a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and observe the ‘Castle Club Rule’ of keeping discussions in house and not shared outside the membership.
The Castle Club reserve the right to refuse membership on the grounds of a failure to meet the membership criteria or a high membership presence in one particular area of business activity.

Membership Etiquette

The Castle Club is intended to be a select and effective premium business networking club where members can meet in a trusted and exclusive environment to discuss business related topics, challenges and opportunities.
This focused and limited members group will examine and share key business insights and experience to help build strong professional relationships and cross-business development.
To facilitate this, The Castle Club has established a series of etiquette guidelines that go hand-in-hand with our membership criteria.


Members will be expected to attend each quarterly promulgated meeting. If unable to attend, members may offer a substitute who meets the membership requirements and is approved by The Castle Club. Prospective members may attend who meet the criteria.


Members will be expected to fully participate in business discussions, bringing their experience and insights to the club. Failure to participate or a perceived lack of relevant input or experience will warrant a review of suitability as a member.
Members will not be permitted to directly pitch their business, services or events; rather they should behave in an inclusion and not exclusive manner.
Members will be expected to help agree topics for discussion and debate by consensus, also offering to share their relevant business experience for the benefit of the membership when asked.
Members will be expected to help form, set and agree the club values, expectations and future membership.


To ensure club discussions and debates are held in a trusted, open and frank manner, members will be required to agree to a non-disclosure clause. Members will be expected to maintain confidentially of discussions held and information provided, to protect members interests.


Members will be expected to respect other member’s points of view; experience and input into club discussions and conversations, also treating the club organisers, administrative process and facilities with due regard and good behaviour.