Calling All The Heroes

Not sure what the lads are up to here, but I like the shameless product placement!

Tell us more, chaps!

Calling All The Heroes

Three powerful calls to action (and thus to Action Heroes) were the themes of February’s Solstice meeting.

  • Tom Hadley’s Top Tips on how to make the most of networking
  • Sam Dyer’s Top Tips on overcoming stress and embracing challenge
  • Lex McKee’s musical quiz to remind us all of five ways to monetise our Intellectual Property.

“Heroes” is a great theme for our Wiltshire meeting, given our connection to the Armed Forces locally.  However, all our Members are heroes – too often left unsung.

This is why Tom drew our attention to a golden opportunity to shine…

Make the Most of Your Networking

Aside from alluding to one of the most exciting uses of Facebook segmentation I’d ever heard of,  Tom’s call to action included grasping the opportunity to present to the whole room.  Yes, Jacqui does have a challenge getting members (and you have to be a member) to step up to the podium.  As Tom asserted,

“What the hell, people?!”

Which made me smile.

The BIG message I took away from Tom’s Top Tips was the fact that:

Networking IS Marketing

Here’s Tom’s presentation in toto.

btw, please Subscribe to The Boardroom Network YouTube channel – it’s free and it’s there to do one thing – to promote YOU!

Overcoming Stress and Embracing Challenge

Sam Dyer is so successful now that he has a Harley Street practice.  But what does he practice?  He practises the noble and heroic art of Neuro Linguistic Programming!  (NLP for short)

And Neuro Linguistic Programming should be shortened to ‘NLP’ because the key benefit of this approach to transformational psychology is that it is short!  Sam gets results within very short time-frames.

In today’s presentation, he allowed us to play our part in the presentation, using – which was interactive, engaging, and memorable.  What more could we ask for?

Sam’s message in a nutshell?

The right kind of stress is not only good for you, it’s essential.  Let’s step up and search for the hero inside ourselves!

Of course, we don’t all have to slap on a pair of tights to do that (Sam, did you know superheroes wear their knickers over the tights?)  To find out why we’re even talking about tights, here’s Sam’s presentation.

Five Ways to Monetise Your Intellectual Property

Not quite sure what I was ‘on’ this morning, but not only did I feel highly energised, I also managed to get Michelle Mardles and Jenny Lewys to play along, dancing at 7 am in the morning to, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”  Thank you both for encouraging me!

And on that point, what a ridiculous cliché “Don’t encourage him/her is”!  We all need encouragement – on a daily basis.

Therefore, I’m encouraging all our members to reflect on the fact that…

You Are A Genius!

Any skill you have mastered as ‘second nature’ has earning potential for you.  With 7 billion people on the planet, we can guarantee that there is a large enough audience of folks who want to learn to do what you can do without thinking.

The trick is to have an informational product that they can buy.  I say ‘product’ rather than ‘service’ because our goal is to free up some of your time.  Creating Intellectual Property Informational Products is the ideal way to build residual income for you and your business.  There are many talented writers and developers in our combined networks (EBW and TBN), and I’d be happy to introduce you to several.

Here are the five ways we recommend at The Boardroom Education:

  • Blog – the written word has authority
  • Vlog – seeing is believing
  • Podcast – ‘faith’ – which is confidence and credibility – comes from making your voice heard regularly
  • Book – the Ultimate Credibility Calling Card
  • Online Course – packaging your Informational Product in a form that is convenient for your audience.

Conclusion: if you desire to make money in your sleep – that’s the raison d’être for The Boardroom Education – to promote you, to build your business, and to generate cash flow.  Is it free?  Not from me, though there are other members who may trade.  If you work with me, it’s an additional benefit for members who are ready to raise their profile.  However, it is easily accessible, reassuringly inexpensive, and available for a short-period… now.

That’s all from me… except for four requests.

  1. As above, please subscribe to the community’s YouTube Channel
  2. Take my place on the keynote spot.  I get to present regularly because not enough other members are stepping up to seize the potentially lucrative opportunity.  I would far prefer to listen to and to video you than to be up there myself.  This is not because I am shy!
  3. If Blog writing really is good for your marketing, please step up to write this blog from time to time.  I write it because it has to be done, and delivered quickly, but it would be good practice and great exposure for you!
  4. The TBN Podcast is about to be accepted on iTunes.  That’s the World, folks.  I want you to send your message to the world, and I’m here to help.  Tom Hadley and Andrew Bulpitt are up next, following our lead in this area, Chris Wilkinson.  Are you up for it?

Jacqui is awaiting your call…


Just to whet your appetite, here is a list of Podcasts waiting to be booked with Members of EBW and TBN

  • Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way… Ahead – with Michelle Mardles and Jenny Lewys
  • Investing In Your Future (also one of our IFAs)
  • You Are What You Smell – Aromatherapy and how scent changes the results you get
  • The Employee’s Journey – next in our ongoing series with Chris Wilkinson
  • Firewalk With Me – with Sam Dyer
  • Inflammation Overload – how to rejuvenate and improve with age (one of our Chiropractors)
  • The Magic of Mentoring – with Ian Skinner
  • Getting the Work-Life Balance Right – with Simon Bateman
  • Book of the Month – with Simon Rigby and other Members – first book, “The Power of Full Engagement.”  Authors are Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.