Bye Bye Pain – Hello Pleasure

Bye Bye Pain; Hello Pleasure!

I was thinking, “What do you become as a member of The Boardroom Network?  Given regular attendance and enthusiastic involvement you become:

  • Better connected
  • More confident
  • Increasingly competent
  • Much clearer
  • Boldly courageous.

Yes, I’ve been an enthusiastic observer of regular members for years now, and I’ve noticed changes – some subtle, some huge. TBN may officially stand for, “The Boardroom Network,” but it is also, “Transformational Business Networking!”

TBN transforms you.

Each of our speakers demonstrated these characteristics in differing ways.  We began with Paul Reynolds connecting us on a global scale to a solution for the pain of accurate accounting.  Paul was followed by Jamie Forster courageously championing the cause of the homeless through The Big Sleep Easy – connecting us to our community. Chris Hughes eased the pain of unpaid bills through conciliatory debt-collection.  Andy Taylor-Whyte offered selected members enhanced connections and competence development through The Castle Club.  As a bonus, for those who stayed behind, Sam Sharma showed the way to ease procrastination and embrace the pleasure of productivity.

Paul Reynolds – Doshi Outsourcing

How do you feel about doing your bookkeeping?  What about your accounting?  Tax returns? I write, “bookkeeping,” and, “accounting,” and “tax returns,” but what I feel is “pain,” and, “pain,” and, “pain.”  Am I alone in this?  Part of being better connected at TBN is being open to local and wider – even global – opportunities.

Whilst we span Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Dorset, what if we could take an English office block and place it in… India?!  In 1999, Doshi did this, and now they offer access to their own in-house capacity.

Many companies are anxious about outsourcing so Doshi banish these fears by emphasising the UK-Centric nature of their team.  These are accountants and tax experts, complete with IT specialists (MTD, anyone?), who are solely focused and familiar with the UK system.



What I really liked, however, was the idea of the top floor restaurant, complete with four chefs! Doshi look after their team members so that their team members can look after you better.  If you’d like to take the pain out of bookkeeping, keep costs down, and get back your time so that you can focus on what you are best at, chat to Paul.


Chris Hughes – Debt Fighters

Whilst Jamie was next on the day, it makes sense to jump to Chris next.  Why?  Simply because he does in the UK the part that Doshi couldn’t outsource: debt collection!  More velvet glove than iron fist, Chris is constantly seeking a win-win for all parties, getting you the cash flow you deserve whilst leaving the door open for future business.

I asked what we become as TBN members and two of the characteristics were obvious to me in Chris’ second presentation for TBN.  I’d filmed Chris delivering the content the week before at TBN Wilts.  Within a week (and with some support from me) I saw his key content enhanced by even more confidence and clarity in his delivery.

You can read an in-depth treatment of Chris’ content in this blog from TBN Wilts.

People in the Age of Technology Productivity and Getting Paid

We should realistically expect our connections through TBN to offer us increasing opportunities to outsource those elements of our business that take up time that could be better spent on business development.  Paul and Chris could well represent trusted paths to reducing the pains of accounting and getting payment.  The flip side of this is that members who are freed up to concentrate on working on their business (and not just working in the business) should expect to develop fresh confidence, clarity, and competence.

What I mean is that the more you present at TBN, the greater clarity and confidence will be added to your table pitch and into your presentations to the whole room.  TBN is a safe environment in which to learn to communicate in a compelling, concise, and clear manner.

Add to this the wealth of information shared member-to-member, and you’ll find yourself developing insights and competencies in areas you’d never formerly considered (or been aware of!)

Remember to outsource everything that isn’t your area of excellence… or put another way:

“Outsource everything except excellence.”

The Big Sleep Easy

(Yes, that is Jamie doing the actions to, “YMCA”!)

Every time Jamie Forster gets up to speak, I know our lives are about to get better.  Whether sharing his only area of excellence (website enhancement) or digging deeper into his own pains and passions, this is a member who knows about heart-to-heart communication.

On this occasion, as in the past, Jamie reminded us that the level of affluence many of us enjoy locally is not shared by all members of our community.  We have a high incidence of homelessness that the YMCA is committed to taking action to help.

An important part of this is, “The Big Sleep Easy 2019,” that takes place between 6.45 pm on November 16thto 8.00 am on November 17th.  Jamie Forster and Chris Palmer are both involved in this initiative to raise both awareness and funds… and to get people off the streets.

You can discover more at:

Next up, an announcement from Andy Taylor-Whyte.

The Castle Club

A new and select premium business networking group, part of The Boardroom Network


Following the successful trial of a new event concept earlier this year, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new and select premium business meeting and networking group – The Castle Club.  This focused and limited members group will examine key business topics to provide insights, share experiences and help build strong professional relationships and business opportunities.

Meeting quarterly at the stunning 10 Castle Street in Cranborne, The Castle Club will be a place to learn and share business principles and practices in a structured programme of interactive morning sessions, prior to a 3-course members discussion lunch and followed with a relaxed private networking opportunity. Membership of The Castle Club is limited to 30 members and will cost £480 annually  – £40 a month.

The first meeting of this exciting new and select private business members club will be on Tuesday 22 October 2019.

To further information on enquiries about membership of The Castle Club, please contact Jacqui Frampton or Andy Taylor-Whyte.


Procrastination is a Pain; Productivity is a Pleasure

It was a delight to be at each of Sam Sharma’s free après petit déjeuner sessions.  Our largest attendance was at the Dudsbury, and the testimonials concur that everyone who attended went away with practical insights into getting the right mindset to beat procrastination and boost productivity.

I, personally, have had so many “Aha!” moments with Sam that I’ll be doing a testimonial as a model of what I’d like to gather as testimonials for TBN.  Sam lives the message: “Transformational Business Networking.”

Sam is open to running more free sessions later in the year if you’d like to let him know you’re interested.

Lex McKee
TBN Member

With thanks to Justin Wharmby for all the photos except the one of Sam Sharma in action… I made that!