Business Transformation with Tim Watson


My experience of entrepreneurial companies is that they overwhelmingly full of dedicated and hardworking people.

Everybody is doing their best, busy and rowing hard. Often wrestling with a multitude of demands and priorities.

Yet all that activity and energy isn’t getting progress anywhere near as fast as it should be.

Business owners often feel the business is controlling them rather than they are controlling the business. Finding there are not enough hours in the day to ensure all the right things are happening.

Or perhaps for all that energy there is a lack of profit. That all the keynote tips for fixing organizational issues have been tried and nothing works permanently.

How can this be?

Getting more of what you want from your business starts with clarity of vision. A simplified and clear vision, that is shared by everyone.

In a recent TBN meeting I asked what percentage of employees don’t know or understand the company vision. The average of the 40+ answers was a staggeringly high 74%. Worth repeating, a group of experienced business people believe that only 26% of employees know and understand their company vision.

Perhaps its no wonder that those busy, dedicated and hardwork people are not achieving as much as they could. Without clarity of vision you can’t get alignment behind the vision.

















A great rowing team has vision, clarity on where they are going, executing on the vision with discipline and accountability, they are a healthy team, they are functional and cohesive. In short, they are all rowing together in the same direction.

It’s sleek. It’s fast.

The same is possible within all entrepreneurial companies. The book Traction explains the entrepreneurial operating system or EOS® for short. Which is just a complete set of simple tools and timeless concepts that when used together make great businesses.

The book steps through the EOS model™, a model made up of the six key components of all businesses. Traction explains the tools and disciplines to become stronger in each of these key components. Ultimately resulting in getting traction on the vision.



After all, as the author Gino Wickman says, “Vision without Traction is just hallucination!”.

The tools and concepts have helped thousands of businesses. That’s Great News is just one and its founder said – “In three short years we grew by 54% to £7.8m. EOS helped make that happen. I was open minded when I discovered EOS. Quickly after starting the EOS journey I was convinced – the value outstripped my expectations. I’ve since recommended EOS and Tim Watson to several entrepreneurs”.


In short, it’s a simple, practical approach. That helps organizations clarify, simply and achieve their vision, enabling leadership teams to:

  • Get on the same page and crystallize their vision.
  • Gain more traction and execute on that vision.
  • Become a healthier and more cohesive team.


If this resonates with you, I highly recommend getting hold of a copy of the book Traction. Or even easier call me, Tim Watson, to understand more and whether EOS® is a good fit for you.